Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

This is hardly news; anyone anywhere should now know that the woman who became famous for being a celebrity is dead at 39. However, I myself was somewhat shocked to see the headline on the Sun that some bloke was reading on the bus at 7:30 yesterday morning - and I'm not often shocked.

Every day while filtering through the news for both Whopper's Bunker and 2IGTV, I saw news stories about her battles with her stepson over late husband's (the 93 year old billionaire) fortune and more recently the death of her 20 year old son and the custody battle over her newborn baby.

It's fascinating the way the media has all but "cancelled" all other news to focus on Anna Nicole's death before even knowing the cause. Batshit crazy broadcaster Larry King, disclosed that he has a painting that Smith had done hanging in his home. King predicted that there will be "a major motion picture" about her. Esewhere, on Fox News, New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman commented that Smith's life had aspects of "a certain kind of really lousy Hollywood script."

I guess all we need now is the lousy script and get some balloons for, oh let's say Jessica Simpson to stuff down her blouse to play her :)


Anonymous said...

A motion picture about her: why?

Whats happening to all that money?

Unknown said...

Did you put those stars over her jugs and minge or is that they way she was photographed??? If you did it, for shame!!!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Sith: Because in a time where the world is in chaos over the threat from terrorist wogs and/or neuclear wogs; the world's media still has time to devote ALL their resources to the death of a blonde bimbo with big knockers who's famous for.... ...nothing.

@ Cubaboy: How likely is it that Anna Nicole Smith was photographed with US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel's rank insignia covering her modesty? Seriously man!

Unknown said...

Damnit Ciaran, when will we see full frontal nudity on this site??

Anonymous said...

soon I hope, as long is its attractive female nudity