Saturday, August 19, 2006

Transformers Character Lineup

The lineup of Transformer characters is:
Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Rachet and Ironhide
Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Brawl, Barricade, Bonecrusher, Scorponok, Frenzy and Blackout.

Character descriptions:
- Prime "every society has that noble king. That King Arthur."
- Bumblebee (left) is the "same underdog, same G1 character we know and love." and that despite being a Chevrolet Camaro "The clothes don't make the man." Be aware that when Hasbro approached BMW to make a new Bumblebee toy they declined as they did not want to be associated with war toys. Clowns: they lost out in the greatest advertising ever.
- Jazz's attitude is "can't do something with style it's not worth doing at all."
- Rachet continues to be the medic of the group but will not match his Gen-One alt mode.
- Ironhide remains the gutsy muscle of the group and make "any Transformer bust an O-ring just with his stare."
- Megatron will be explored beyond just the usual evil, destroy this and that mentality.
- Starscream will continue to try "to best Megatron."
- Brawl is an "extremely pissed off Decepticon" and is based on other iterations of the Transformers which may continue in sequels.
- Bonecrusher is basically Megatron's willing slave (and apparently the closest thing to a Constructicon)
- Barricade is the Saleen Mustang police car seen in some leaked photos and who likes to hunt down the Autobots.
- Scorponok is closest to the Beast Wars iteration with a "little bit of flavors from the other things."
- Frenzy is the replacement Soundwave. The alt mode will be a stereo.
- Blackout is the EMP guy. Has the weapons to knock out most electronic items, which of course is bad news for the military and the Autobots.

Source:, Yahoo


Anonymous said...

even though I'm actually sitting next to the Colonel as I write this (in his office) he insists on me using the comment board......anyway I find it ironic that BMW want nothing to do with "War" toys considering that they made some of the finest fighters and bombers for the Nazis during the War!I await the Colonels response even though he could just say it to my face! (Sigh)

Anonymous said...

The Autobot selection is fairly predictable (but I've no real complaints).
The array of Decipticon is a little more suprising - I'd have been happy enough with Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and a couple of the cassettes. Maybe Grumman/Boeing/General Dynamics didn't want to be associated with 'war toys'?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Vaughan: Indeed, but by posting it here, you gave Sith Apologist the chance to use the 'war toys' observation even more sarcastically.

@ Sith Apologist: Yeah, I heard that Soundwave could've even been an iPod! Thankfully they've not gone down that road as there's no mass-shifting, where Megatron could become a human-sized P-38 and Ravage could become a casette tape. I guess they wanted more variety in the Decepticons rather than having them all as jets. Remember however, that this is a complete retelling of The Transformers story and just like the recent Miami-Vice film only the names, personalities and abilities of the characters will be familiar.