Friday, August 11, 2006

Britishland: Defcon 20

Our neighbours in Great Britain were in a 'bit of a tizzy' yesterday when the Pakies gave them the heads up on a few troublemakers attempting to cause come trouble over some outbound British flights over the Atlantic.

Left: A copper patrols outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday morning, note the powered targeting mount on his MP5- that's bloody expensive let me tell you, but guaranteed to take down any running Brazilians at 150m!

All flights into and from the UK were disrupted and passengers subjected to delays, searches and reclassification of hand luggage, including the prohibition of anything that could be used as part of an explosive device including bottles of alcohol and iPods.

One Hannah Pillinger, 24, from Horley, Surrey, said she was more disappointed not to be able to take her iPod on the flight as opposed to a 10 hour delay."Eight hours without an iPod, that's the most inconvenient thing."

In all seriousness however, well done to the boys of Scotland Yard and the Intelligence and Security forces across the UK in thwarting this heinous action from those whom the Global War On Terror is waged against.

You won't win, you Terrorist Bastards!


Unknown said...

Ahh the views of a right wing facist who knows little about what's going on in the real world, just what this site needs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Muppet! It's a typical view of an ignorant bloody yank who wouldn't know a leprauchan if it bit him in the bollox! "Erin go Bragh!" my arse, only a yank would use that phrase, bet he doesn't even know what it means! Dark ages here we come again, the world is doomed!

Anonymous said...

When most groups plot such a thing, they are in the wrong. But as these are muslims, it's apparently our fault as we haven't made enough effort to help integrate them into our society?!

Major General Creedon said...

Thank you for you input Massachusetts Republican. I've actually been to your blog before and I support many of your views. I'd not have thought to draw any kind of comparison between the IRA and Hezbollah, primarilly due to the fact Hez gets $200m a year from Iran, and it's quite obvious they don't put it to a gigantic Christmas party in December. And as you said, the IRA never called for genocide. If the situation with the Muslims is as bad as you say, it won't be long before one of them gets a new navel for airing their misguided political or religious views, to the wrong person, and then the shit will hit the fan.

@ Sith Apologist: Yeah, I'd love to know how that's going to help? Do they think that the terrorists will be pacified by the wonderful British way of life and make Tea instead of bombs?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with tea! As a recent set of reports said, the only set of 2nd generation immigrants who aren't integrating seem to be the muslims.
A statistic I found ?amusing? was that the highest rate of unemployment in the UK among ethnic groups were Pakistani's/Bangladeshi's, whilst the lowest were amongst Indians. All the one country once, and now the main difference is India is predominantly Hindu. Pakistan/Bangladesh being Muslim. Wibble.
Due to the shortage of prisons in the UK, troublemakers such as these recent terrorists should be allowed to 'enjoy' the bracing climate of the wonderful island of South Georgia.

Major General Creedon said...

Why bother with prison facilities? Why not just dump them in the Arctic Ocean?

Anonymous said...

I have more respect for the ocean :p