Thursday, August 03, 2006

Big news from the casting couch.

It was confirmed today that one half of that recently celuloided "friendly cowboy" duo, Heath Ledger has been cast as Batman's arch-nemesis; the maniacal Joker in the upcoming sequel to the greatest super hero film of all time Batman Begins, which has now been given the title The Dark Knight.

Don't screw it up Heath.

(Left, artists quick impression of the new Joker)

In other casting news, I'm pleased to announce that the part of James "Rhody" Rhodes, former US Marine pilot, Tony Stark's best friend and part-time user of the Iron Man armour has been offered to Terrence Howard. It's unknown yet if Howard will take up the offer but I think there's a good actor who hasn't sullied his career with stupid romantic comedies or friendly cowboy films + he actually looks the part.