Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Flags Of Our Fathers poster


Anonymous said...

Great, more Patriotic American viewing. No disrespect to any American's (Patriotic or otherwise), just sick of these films, saving Private Ryan was more than enough.

Anonymous said...

May I Speak for the Colonel when I say "No , No you can never have enough!!!!"
anyway aaron what kind of films are you sick of ?ones that show the horror of war realistically? actually it will be interesting if Eastwood shows what happened to these men after the War as that famous moment actually destroyed one or two of their lives!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No I don't think we need any 'negativity' in the film. We have enough of that in our current war. Let's hope Clint gives us a film which glorifies war instead, something like that is more needed in today's climate.

Anonymous said...

Vaughan, we had born on the 4th of July for all that "What happens after stuff".

At least Clint is a saving grace....:)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that picture faked?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Yeah they had Adobe software in WW2. No it wasn't you goon. And we've had this discussion already.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Colonel, I see you've ascended to the level of the playground, "Goon" indeed. As thats the way you want to play it,

I quote my redneck colleague stonewall1775,

It is true that it was the second flag that went up on Iwo but do not imply that Joe Rosenthal positioned the Marines into the memorable shot we all know now.

What a minute a photographer sees a 1st flag go up, thinks this will be a great pic then has a 2nd shot taken with a bigger flag, kinda sounds like staging/positioning to a reasonable person.

'Course, as per usual all the right wing God fearin' gun toting nuts amongst us start screaming "JUST ACCEPT IT!, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!", Now I know, thinking comes painfully to the inbred, so I'll make this real simply,

You still haven’t convinced me.

Give me a rationale argument backed up with some hard evidence instead of name calling and maybe I'll change my mind. Until then, we'll just have to disagree.

Get to work.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

If I wanted to win an argument with fancy words and facts then I'd have signed up for the JAG Corps not Force Recon! No one argues with me! Especially when I have a KBAR to their throat or they're staring down the buisness end of a Blackwater silencer attached to my Glock 17.

However, in light of the fact that killing off (more of) you people would hinder discussion of my wild and wonderful topics I'll attempt your challenge before resorting to to my 'might is right policy'.

There was two flag raisings yes, I'm not disputing that.

"a photographer sees a 1st flag go up, thinks this will be a great pic then has a 2nd shot taken with a bigger flag"

No. There were two different photographs, photographers and different Marines. The Marine photographer, Sgt. Lou Lowery photographed the first flag raising at 10AM, Feb. 23, 1945. This flag raising was seen by Secretary Forrestal as he touched the beach below with General Howlin' Mad Smith. He remarked to Smith that he'd like the flag as a souvenir. When hearing this the fiery Marine Colonel Chandler Johnson was not amused and ordered the flag to be replaced so that the original could stay with the batallion forever. He added "And make it a bigger one"!

The 2nd group who erected the bigger flag were attaching it to a Jap water pipe (which weighed 100lbs) when AP photographer Joe Rosenthal and Marine Bill Genaust arrived. Rosenthal knew he had missed the first flag raising and realised that he was about to miss the 2nd too so he quickly pulled out his camera and shot the famous picture.

Proof that the picture wasn't posed is in analysing frames of the video shot by Genaust standing shoulder to shoulder with Rosenthal on the day.

Anonymous said...

Better, even sounds reasonable, tell me did it all happen a long, long time ago, in a far, far away land?

Now explain what NASA did with the Moon Landing footage.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Technically yes, the Pacific Islands are a far away land and 1945 is a long time ago to us born in the 70's.

NASA 'misplaced' the moon landing footage. It's "somewhere in their vast archive". Civilian twats- this is a good argument for militarizing the Space Programme!