Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Giacchino to score next Trek

It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that longtime J.J. Abrams collaborator and composer of the music for his Alias and Lost series; Michael Giacchino, will be composing the score for Abrams' Star Trek XI.

The composer says he is only starting to think about how he will approach the forthcoming score for next installment of the Sci-Fi franchise. Speaking at the release party for the Lost Season Two DVD, Giacchino said, "it's kind of on the distant radar. I know they're working on it. [But] it is so far away we haven't even discussed it yet."

He further speculated that he could approach the Star Trek XI score in the same way he did the music for Mission: Impossible III, which referenced that franchises previous films and TV series, he said that he may cherry-pick some of the cues that he likes and discard others. "I think that ultimately you might pick the theme that you think is the important one and utilize that in a certain way and then go completely somewhere else with it,". I guess so long as he doesn't misuse the work of the late Jerry Goldsmith everything will be allright.

But everything will be allright; My first embrace of Giacchino's pheonomenal work was while playing Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault. It was easily one of the greatest scores for a computer game ever composed, and that still holds true today. The Incredibles was the first motion picture to benefit from the composers talent and the success of the score for M:I-3 and for Abrams hit TV shows ensures that Giacchino will play with the big boys from now on.

I often apply the same disaster-senario to projects in the entertainment industry as I do with National Security and once speculated on what would happen if John Williams tragically died before composing Revenge Of The Sith- the answer: Micheal Giacchino.

Source: IGN, Trek Today, Yahoo

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