Friday, February 08, 2008

You know the no new TV issue is getting bad when... look for stuff like Major Dad on DVD. I mean they have everything else on DVD, why not Gerald McRaney and his ultra-conservative views?


Unknown said...

Or what about Mr Belvedere, the sterotypical english homosexual butler?? Or ALF, the hook nosed sexual deviant from beyond the stars?? Or Starman, (see ALF), or Simon and Simon, remember Down Town Brown?? Nobody messin' with that nigga!! ALthough I thought Simon was a little too close to Simon!! Or even Benson for God sake, remember that German chick oohh those were the days my friends none of your Friends or or such politically correct shit. Bring bakc the eighties...or at least put them on DVD so I can reminesce!

Anonymous said...

In these dark and dank Times, where the medium of Television, the usual source of comfort in our lives has become a bitter wasteland of Reality T.V. I find that three little words are the key to happiness, "Magnum PI Boxsets".

Anonymous said...

OHHHH GOODDDD I'm having late eighties flashbacks where that show covered such "Hilarious" situations as the first gulf war and the comedy goodness of the ovethrow of Manuel Noriega ...god how we laughed?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Personally I LOVED SIMON & SIMON, especially RICK SIMON. I wish they would come out with the complete 8 seasons on DVD, but I think we are only getting one....NOT FAIR!!
GERALD MCRANEY was really, really good in DEADWOOD and JERICHO.
I'll watch him in just about anything. I even liked MAJOR DAD and PROMISED LAND.
Now all I watch is HOUSE. HUGH LAURIE is a pretty AMAZING actor.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Cubaboy: While Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers may have awakened most of the sexual desires of our generation. The one we really wanted to give it to was Mrs. Krause! Ich leibe dich, Fraulein Krause!

@ Civvy: I don't know if we should go back that far Civvy. It may be dangerous. Consider that no one in the 90's was as cool as Magnum, The Simons, The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Fall Guy etc. We should not dishonour or memories of these heroes by attempting to watch them through "adult" eyes now for fear they would not live up to the dreams built upon them. The exception is T.J.Hooker of course.

@ Vaughan: Yes it's all flooding back not isn't it? :)

@ Anonymous: Sadly as with the case that I outlined earlier. People think it's a great idea to bring back some 80's shows but as soon as they see how they've aged and are "not as cool" as they remember them; the demand for any more almost vanishes :(

Constance said...

And yet you refuse to acknowledge "Airwolf." Jan-Michael Vincent AND a bitchin' helicopter... that's a pretty irresistible combination for a high school girl!

Do I understand correctly that you have never even seen this masterpiece? You, who profess a love for awful tv AND the CIA? Seriously? You like "Knight Rider" but you haven't seen Airwolf?

I'm calling you out. I demand equal representation for helicopter themed quasi-militaristic merc for hire type 80s shows.

Anonymous said...

Constance, on the subject of chopper shops, Airwolf was a big pile of pants compared to the magnificent Blue Thunder, remember how Daniel Stern as Jafo died in the movie but miraculously resurrected himself as Dana Carvey in the TV series. Now, that was impressive!