Saturday, February 09, 2008

Star Wars Rap

Blasphemous: Yes.
Funny: Yes.


Constance said...

You forgot disgusting and with a good beat you can dance to!

Anonymous said...

Constance, i'm really sorry to burst your bubble, but i have photo and vodeo PROOF that the Colonel indeed cannot dance, he just thinks he can. believe me the BeeGees have a lot to answer for....almost as much as Abba! He insists on conducting, what can only be described as."wish he was in the matrix" moves and tries in vain to out jive John Travolta...As if you could Colonel!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to admit that my stereotypical view of your nation includes a deeply held belief that you're all a bunch of pasty white boys who can't dance :)

Although your description puts me in mind of Lawrence Fishburne in some gold lame parachute pants with giant shades dancing and singing "It's bullet time!"

You say you have proof, but where is it?

Anonymous said...

"You say you have proof, but where is it?"

Painfully etched in my memory ...

The rap is mildly amusing, but does get a little repetitive (I'm not a big rap fan)

Anonymous said...

IT's true Constance They are all a bunch of Pasty White Boys that can't dance, us Ladies are a different story altogether though! As for the Proof I am bound to a promice made to the colonel years ago not to reveal any incriminating evidence i might have on him unless it is comissioned by a higher authority and unless he pisses me off completley (which is doubtful at this stage) i'll hold on to it for a while. Now if the Colonel Authorises me to show....well then it can be arranged...... hehehehe!

Sithy, you read my mind, rap is so overrated! the dubbing wasn't badly done though.

Major General Creedon said...

I formally deny both the existence of any video evidence and deny permission for any such non-existent video evidence to be circulated.

Just to cover myself, on the remote chance that such video evidence does indeed exist; permission is hereby denied to redistribute as discussed.

There has always been much threats about so-called video evidence of past indiscretions. There are all as false as the supposed evidence of my unconscious form being used as a drinks rest on January 1st 2000 and even Master Guns supposed evidence of my "association" with a bordello in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Now, Now Colonel, you should know better than to issue a challange like that to me of all people.... you have yet to scare me many years now? Keep an eye on YouTube Folks as i may be in the mood soon to Piss the Colonel Off! 'ah ah ah ah Staying Alive, stayin' alive!!!!

'Look at what's happened to me,
I can't believe it myself;
Suddenly I'm up on top of the world,
Should've been somebody else.'

Whats the next line CiarĂ¡n? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh you weren't just a drinks rest on 1st Jan, 2000.
You also gave us a detailed explanation of how your 'accoustic amplifiers' (i.e. cases from spent party poppers) worked.