Friday, February 22, 2008

G.I.Joe begins shooting!

G.I. Joe has started shooting in Los Angeles and the first photo of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk has appeared online, and boy does he look the part!

In an interview recently Quaid revealed that he was doing some light weights to assist him in making himself look like the cartoon version of Hawk and so decided against the blond highlights. I think that was a good call.

also said that the movie is set a bit into the future which may explain Hawk now being a 4-Star General. I was also very pleased to see evidence of Larry Hama (or some very well researched individual)'s involvement as you can clearly see a US Air Force Missile badge on Hawk's dress uniform; one of his earliest occupations listed on this filecard from 1982 was a Missile Commander and the Army authorises such officers with missile training to wear this qualification badge.

In other G.I.Joe movie news; a last minute casting change as David Murray was unable to take the role of Destro due to issues with his entry visa to the United States. As shooting was about to begin, producers turned to a British actor already "in country", the former Dr. Who, Christopher Eccleston.


Anonymous said...

jusging by the picture, it looks like Quaid has decided to play Hawk Gay. Controversial decision but will it bear fruit at the Oscars?, any thoughts?

Bruce Russell said...

Bear 'fruit' . . . [Giggle]