Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Seraphim Falls: Almost Classic Cowboy Movie

In difference to a previous entry in the genre, there wasn't a faggot in sight for this little Cowboy Movie movie staring the cream of this island's acting talent, two lads born "up the road a bit" from me, Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson.

The movie takes place following the American Civil War. Brosnan's character Gideon, a former Union Army Captain is hiding out in the American Rockies hunted by Neeson as Colonel Morsman Carver, a former Confederate officer with an Ahab-like determination to apprehend Gideon. The settings of this chase-movie are breathtaking; snowy peaks, bountiful savannas and the barren deserts. The characters encountered are a cross section of the usual cliched evil ones you'd expects to find in such a dark movie as this; traders, railway foremen and Mormons.

Neeson and Brosnan don't let you down and thankfully the one-dimensional Richard Gere passed on the role of Gideon- I doubt I'd have enjoyed a scene where Gideon removes a bullet and cauterises his wound if it was Gere doing it. Ah hellshit- I probably wouldn't have bothered with this movie if it was Gere in it. Neeson plays a man who has lost almost every shred of humanity and his character sees the most growth from the two of them.

A fantastic first-effort from David Von Ancken one of the movies writers who keeps the pace a pretty standard fare for a good movie like this right up until about 15-20 minutes before the end- then everyone involved takes some acid and it almost falls apart. It doesn't ruin the movie, but I don't think that the ending they went with (complete with cameos from Wes Studi and Angelica Huston) suited such an otherwise finely crafted movie.

Final word: A breathtaking, well crafted and well acted classic revenge-western with an LSD induced ending.

Colonel Creedon Rating: ****

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