Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bourne Goes Out With A Bang!

Sorry this review is so late. I saw this last week when it came out, but I've been really busy and was unable to get the time to post.

Jason Bourne is back on the big screen for (what should be) the last time. In the excellent The Bourne Supremacy our hero found out more about himself including his real name David Webb and he achieves some measure of peace as he apologises to the daugher of his first victims.

However, in a bizarre, yet ingenious move by the creators of The Bourne Ultimatum- They start the film just after Supremacy's frenetic car chase before Bourne goes the US at all. While we do know some elements of what will happen there apparently there was quite a lot between Moscow and the time the was in New York. In fact we don't have Bourne set foot in the US until the last act of Ultimatum. Confusing? Until you see it perhaps, but it means that the movie is an adrenalin-fueled intercontinental thrill ride with all the staple Bourne action in interesting locales, this time round our amnesic hero clocks up air miles to Paris, London, Madrid, Tangier and finally New York.

Matt Damon was dubious about doing a sequel to The Bourne Identity. He had never done a sequel before, but he was wooed back to do Supremacy when he discovered that what the producers had in mind was bigger than Identity. I daresay that it was easier to get him back on board for the final time for Ultimatum as that too is even better than Supremacy. Damon is now quite comfortable with his character and it shows, needles to say he still practically the same emotionless brainwashed assassin in the field but in this one we see his barrier finally come down as he comes to terms with is past.

As this is more or less "The Bourne Supremacy 2", it was perfect to have Paul Greengrass return as director. Naturally as with all directors who do sequels to movies they originally directed, he tried to raise the bar - and suceeded. Joan Allen and Julia Styles' (right) return too and their characters are almost given the same development as Bourne which is a good thing. David Strathairn is brought on as the CIA deputy director who thinks he's going to eliminate Bourne this time and we also get cameos from Albert Finney and a now ancient Scott Glen. John Powell returns to score the final part of his inspired musical trilogy along with yet another new recording of Extreme Ways by Moby.

All in all it's impressive and well polished. A perfect book-end to a remarkable action-thriller trilogy. (Please Universal Pictures - Don't screw it up by even thinking of trying to make The Bourne Legacy)

Colonel Creedon Rating: *****+


Declan said...

I have to admit that there were moments during Ultimatum when I was confused and thought they were repeating themselves from the last movie, it never dawned on me that there was an overlap, duh.

There will be a fourth movie. I heard that Matt Damon said he would not do a fourth movie but then last week I heard him praising Paul Greengrass saying he wouldnt do another Bourne movie without him.

Also they opened up a few story options for the next movie, such as Bourne/Nicky and what made Webb volunteer? I think there will be at least one trip to the cinema for Bourne fans.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I dunno. I'm pretty happy with the trilogy as it stands and I can't say that for every trilogy. But knowing Universal and the fact that The Bourne Conspiracy will be out for the consoles net year, I think you might be right.

Douglas Kastle said...

There will be a Spider-man 4 based on the success of spider-man 3, what does that tell you? Prepare to have your little heart broken Creedon. One word, franchise!

Darkle Dagbar said...

I must agree. I loved it. Even from my second row seat in screen one in Mahon [which at times felt painful]. It was a brilliant as you say bookend to the series!

I was afraid that Greengrass would muck this up. I wasnt a big fan of the way the action was done in the second movie. I mean the close up hand to hand action.
From the first movie i loved how Bourne disarmed those two officers and wanted more like that.

But Greengrass did a superb job I must say. Raising the bar he did indeed!

As it stands it's a great trilogy. If Greengrass could raise that heavy bar once again I'd be stoked!