Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sith Apologist Wins iPod

Sith Apologist, a dark lord of the Sith, is the new owner of the iPod which had actually been won by Former Grunt last evening.

In a bizzare turn of events, Former Grunt stated that he was getting a new iPod with video and in fact doubted the would get the opportunity to sell on Apollo after my death as he had suggested in his winning tiebreaker because he knew I would "never be killed by alien bugs anyway because you're too good a Marine and are practically invincible".

Sith Apologist's own tiebreaker (which was ranked 2nd in total results from all three judges) to- I want an iPod engraved with the name of my hero: Colonel Creedon because ___ was: "I need a constant reminder of how alcohol and court martials result in demotion and handing out freebies to freeloaders."

Congratulations Sith Apologist.


Anonymous said...

arches fingers
Excellent ... it's all falling into place

Anonymous said...

Impressive..., pulling off the Jedi mind trick on three Judges, the Lt.Col and Grunt. most Impressive.

Of course, Sithy, you realise that the Lt.Col has carefully programmed that Ipod with mind altering Abba songs that will make you his young apprentice, soon you shal call him Master!

Anonymous said...

NO! Soon I shall remove the accursed ABBA tracks ... I refuse to even think of being the Lt.Col's Dancing Queen!
In the future, who knows what mind tricks I'll try next