Sunday, December 31, 2006

Death of a Tyrant - Happy New Year

I think this is a splendid way to end the year- the glorious execution of Saddam Hussein. A man to be remembered alongside Adolf Hitler as a nutter who tried to defy the might of the USA.

As a parting gift for 2006 - I spent a while looking on the net for a video of his actual death- i.e. hearing his neck snap and hopefully the emptying of his bowels as he died. Sadly this dark and grainy footage taken by an individual present at the "festivities" with a camera phone is all I have of the moment where life leaves this sick and twisted individual.

Delight with me in hearing the cheers of people, free people- delivered from opression to freedom who were present to wish him well (or rather make sure he went) as he took the express elevator to hell. No doubt the man will take up the type of role depicted in South Park where he's Satan's gay bitch for eternity.

If that doesn't work try here.

As you watch this remember that it may take a while, but the US will deliver on it's promises and end the reign of people like Saddam Hussein worldwide. Ooohrah for George W. Bush (this excution is the first stage of a grander masterplan), the U.S.A. and the Marine Corps!

Happy New Year Folks- enjoy the party!

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