Friday, September 01, 2006

President Bush Assassinated

Thankfully only in a British television movie, a controversial new drama that shows US President George W Bush's fictional assassination.

Titled Death Of A President, the drama uses the style of a real-life documentary and a blend of computer generated special effects, as well as archive-type footage to show Bush's "assassination" by a sniper as he arrives for an anti-war rally in Chicago, Illinois in 2007. The investigation that follows, points to a Syrian-born suspect as the assassin.

The show will be premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to be held later this month and later will be broadcast on the UK digital channel More4 in October this year. More4 boss Peter Dale said that the drama was a "pointed political examination of what the war on terror is doing to the American body politic. I'm sure there will be people upset by it. I hope people will see the intention as a good one,".

UK TV watchdog John Beyer warned the movie was irresponsible and might inspire a real-life assassination attempt. "If something happens as a consequence of this film, then blood is on their hands."

The White House refused to comment, saying only the drama "does not dignify a response." I can appreciate that from such a dignified institution, but as a Marine in service to the man depicted- I think it's a travesty that the incumbent Commander-In-Chief will be dipected as being shot as some form of entertainment for anyone. It's typical of the leftist liberal media to create this distasteful nonesence. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this had democratic backing from accross the pond. Shower of Bastards.

I echo John Beyer's warning- this irresponsible shit could have disasterous effects if it gives even one wacko an idea to make Dick Cheyney 44th President of the USA. I formally condemn this film and ask that you do not support it.

Sources: Yahoo, SkyNews, Interloper Prime


Anonymous said...

Colonel, you of all people should know that no one would take this seriously. Right Wing NRA Gun Nuts are far more likely to be Republicans than Democrats. ;)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

It's not an NRA nut that's accused of killing him, it's a Syrian wog.

I think and hope that the neoconservatives will be in power long enough without the death of anyone (towel-heads not included).

Anonymous said...

I still find the irony of killing someone at a peace rally amusing. Is that normal?

Anonymous said...

Colonel: I would never have thought that you where a supportor of should a pussy footed group as the Neo-Conservatives, whats wrong with the regular Reagen Era Conservativism?, Good God, that man wanted to put a big Laser Cannon in space to blast all the Damn Reds!, Now thats ,Old School!

How many American Presidents have been assinated by foreign nationals? Ah none I think you'll find, all the attempts made (successfully or not) have been made by domestic rather than foreign threats. Don't give me anything about Booth being a Southern!

Anonymous said...

Believe me, the Colonel practically is a military copy of Reagan. He spent months in space under his administration- Shit is that still classified??

The Colonel supports whomever is in power, it's the only way he's survived this long.

Anonymous said...

So it's right to say the Colonel supports Power, not who wields it, or how they use it?

Anonymous said...

Heaven fofbid he becomes a tool of those who may seek to subvert power?

Anonymous said...

Sithy, have you been using the Colonel as a pawn again?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I'm no one's pawn or tool. I am a weapon, and I am used however, but I am someone's broadsword however, to be used when necessary.


Anonymous said...

Colonel, a broadsword, thats a bit freudian. Anyway a hand to hand combat weapon is fairly tame compared to the mayhem you used to cause, whats the matter, lost your nerve?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I was paraphrasing Major General William Devereaux: "The Military is a broadsword, not a scalpel".

My nerves are still of steel and my will is still of iron. The day they're not anymore; I'll swallow the muzzle of my Glock.