Monday, September 11, 2006

From the ashes of 9/11: The Freedom Tower

There was horrific loss of life in New York this day 5 years ago. Please do not forget the 124 Military personnel and civilian contractors who lost their lives in The Pentagon in Washington on the same day.

Today it is comforting to know that The World Trade Center Plaza will rise from the ashes of Ground Zero like a phoenix, defiant against evil Islamic fascists and those who would seek to plunge the western world into terror.

The 1776-foot Freedom Tower is the most symbolic of four buildings planned. The design fortifies the building against another attack -- a steel and concrete core supports the structure and a wide staircase egress route is separate from the entry for emergency workers in case disaster strikes again.

The Freedom Tower will be a beacon of truth, it will stand for all of humanity, in defiance of tyranny. It will stand for the freedom of will that every conscious being on this planet possesses. That freedom of choice, the divine free-will we have to choose to respect the other beings of this planet, cooperate, live together in peace.

America should declare that the Freedom Tower is to stand for all of humanity, in the choice to live together in freedom and respect; then would not all of the world come to America to help build it?


Anonymous said...

You can really churn it out when you want to Colonel.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Colonel, Damn, lets fund the entire thing from the Iraqi oil fields!

Unknown said...

I'll laugh my goolies off if they manage to knock them down again

Anonymous said...

I wonder has there been a significant rise in the uptake of the Base Jumping Hobby amongst Hise Rise Workers!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I read about a guy who keeps a glider in his penthouse apartment. He doen't know how to use the thing and he's too afraid to learn but he feels the ability to fly it will come to him if a plane hits the building.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of your expertly efficient escape plans Colonel!

Anonymous said...

For the Colonel, it'd have to be a glider for one? So he can leave men behind? :)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Shut up you.

Anonymous said...

Even a facist like you can't prevent free speech!(unless you cus us again like a coward)! Continue Sith!

Anonymous said...

Sithy, unless the Colonel has managed to shed a couple of cheeks from that fat ass of his, it'll be a glider built for two. Sorry Colonel I tells it as I see it.

Anonymous said...

his is brilliant, and fits right in with my plans. Could the Colonel be overweight?

I quote from Marine Corps Order P6100.12 Section 1100:

"Every Marine must be physically fit, regardless of age, grade, or
duty assignment. Fitness is essential to the day-to-day effectiveness and combat
readiness of the Marine Corps. Furthermore, physical fitness is an indispensable aspect of leadership. The habits of self-discipline required to gain and maintain
a high level of physical fitness are inherent to the Marine Corps way of life and must be a part of the character of every Marine. Marines who are not physically fit can be a detriment to the readiness and combat efficiency of their unit.
Accordingly, every Marine will engage in an effective PCP on a continuing and progressive basis.

A PCP is a Physical Conditioning Program for those of you who are non -military.

I think I've got enough to ensure a case for The Colonel being incapable of command. If you, Sith or anyone else can help me please let us know by posting here over the weekend as I've reason to believe The Colonel will be in Dublin on a "mad drinking session" over the weekend so we'll have no fear of being cut.