Sunday, September 17, 2006

Because people shouldn't die from bullets (unless they're shot).

I can't say I give much of a shit about the environment. Normally any effort one has to go to in order to take care of it either expensive or time-consuming, neither of which appeals to me as someone who has to be available 24/7 to save the planet from Alien Bugs. I believe people like Al Gore are mindless cretins, and members of Greenpeace should either be shot on sight or charged with terrorism and incarcerated and I unceremoniously turn away from my door anyone canvassing for The Green Party come election time.

That said, I do condone initiatives like the effort of BAE Systems, Europe's largest defence company to protect the environment by designing an "environmentally friendly" lead-free bullet. They say that "lead used in ammunition can harm the environment and pose a risk to people", which naturally I can assume to be people that are not meant to be actually shot by the ammo!

The firm's director of corporate social responsibility, Dr Debbie Allen, said that although it may seem strange to have a "green" policy for munitions, it was important to consider their environmental impact. "Weapons are going to be used and when they are, we try and make them as safe for the user as possible, to limit the collateral damage and to impact as little as possible on the environment,".

On its website, the defence giant says it also aims to design shells which are less likely to explode by accident.

Source: Sky News


Mark Dowling said...

Now if only they can replace depleted uranium in the cannons of A-10s.

Anonymous said...

I'd have liked to think that ALL munitions manufacturers would have aimed to "design shells which are less likely to explode by accident".
Also ... terible pun on the word aim.

Anonymous said...

Also, one can't help but wonder about "corporate social responsibility" in a case like this. Interestingly enough, those who would be shot by said munitions would be classified as stakeholders and would therefore be allowed some element of input in how BAE is managed. Perhaps they'd make a case for more eounds that explode by accident (all the less to shoot them with), or ones that do less damage, or are less accurate, etc?!

Anonymous said...

Bring back the dum-dum, or hollow point, or fill 'em with mercury. That should do it. Environment my ass. They are blowing hot air.

Anonymous said...

Thats all well and good until we get invaded by alien, and there only weakness is to lead. Ponder on that one...

Anonymous said...

OKAY, so lead dum dums

Anonymous said...

BAE systems
BEA Systems.

BAE Systems [ formerly British Aerospace ] is Europe's largest arms exporter. BAE Systems is dedicated to producing innovative and high-specification ways of killing and maiming people. Satisfied BAE customers include Saddam Hussein in Iraq, General Pinochet in Chile, and the House of Saud. Are you a feudal Middle Eastern dictatorship that tortures your political opponents - and innocent British citizens? BAE Systems says: No problem! We just want your cash.
The above links prove this statement by BAE systems to be “Hot Air” or to put it bluntly BOLLOX


Al Yamamah updated


Even in Romania


This is bollox


What happens when a DU round hits a tank?
The DU penetrator hits the tank armour, both the penetrator and armour partially liquefying under pressure. Once the armour has been perforated, that part of the penetrator which has not melted, together with the molten armour and fragments that break away from the interior, ricochet inside the vehicle. This usually causes a fire. Studies in the USA, UK and France show that when an armoured vehicle burns at about 10,000 degrees C, the resulting oxidisation of the materials aboard, including benzene products and depleted uranium, can create particulates that are harmful to the human body; ingested they can affect the lungs and kidneys.


Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a mighty bum deal. Ah mean, jez as BA.....whatsit cleans up its doggone act, the sons-of-bitches opposition gits to play dirty. Dang. BA....whatsit should stay as dirty as hell, goddam it, it's a war we're fighting, and every good red blooded man of the US of A is standing ready to defend the flag.

Major General Creedon said...

If I was an arms manufacturing company, I'd probably sell to both sides too, I wouldn't "alienate" half my market with such an uncapitalistic ideal as ethics and morals.

Speaking as someone that uses several hundred rounds of ammo per week (and several thousand when abroad), I'd prefer that any ammo I use ain't harmful to me- just the wogs I shoot with it.

As for Aaron's theoretical aliens? We'll just do what Mel Gibson did in The Patriot: melt down our lead soldiers and shoot the bastards with them :)

Anonymous said...

YYIIPPEEEE, goddam it colonel, you're tarlkin reel good sense.
Scuse me a mo, Ah gotta chase tonto. He's done gone an shit on the sidewalk. Goddam these ethnics.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan has done a deal with the Taliban, and basically left Waziristan (a northwestern province of Pakistan) under their control.
Troops, after having had the crap kicked out of them for more than a year, are now returned to barracks, and as long as the taliban and Al queda don’t move into Pakistan, the troops will leave them alone. (Message :- go and deal with the crusaders in Afghanistan).
Now comes news that they’ve also released 2500 plus terrorist prisoners.

Now the assholes at the daily telegraph would have us believe that these are all innocent ,- “happened to be there” - boys,
but get this:- beyond the three low level operatives interviewed by those assholes, are a host of senior and mid level al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives. A sample of those released included the following individuals, including the killers of journalist Daniel Pearl:

Ghulam Mustafa: "He was once close to Osama bin Laden, has intimate knowledge of al-Qaeda's logistics and financing and its nexus with the military in Pakistan."

Maulana Sufi Mohammad: "Maulana Sufi Mohammad was Faqir Mohammed's first jihadi mentor who introduced him to militancy in Afghanistan in 1993. Sufi Mohammad was one of the active leaders of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) in the 1980s. He was the principal of the JI madrassa in Tamaergra, a town in the northwestern part of NWFP. He was an instinctive hardliner and in due course developed differences with JI and left them in 1992 to form Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammed [TNSM]." Sufi Mohammad organized Pakistanis to fight jihad in Afghanistan and along with the TNSM fought in Kunduz November of 2001.

Mohammad Khaled: A brigade leader who led the Taliban in against U.S. forces in Afghanistan. ""It is a difficult time for Islam and Muslims. We are in a test. Everybody should be ready to pass the test - and to sacrifice our lives," said Mohammad Khaled.

Fazl-e-Raziq: A senior aide to Osama bin Laden, and "an ethnic Pakhtoon resident of Swabi district of the North West Frontier Province."

Khairullah Kherkhawa: The former Taliban governor of Herat.

Khalid Khawaja: "Khalid Khawaja is a retired squadron leader of the Pakistan Air Force who was an official in Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, in the mid 1980s. After he wrote a critical letter to General Zia ul-Haq, who ruled Pakistan from 1977 till 1988, in which he labeled Zia as hypocrite, he was removed from the ISI and forced to retire from the airforce. He then went straight to Afghanistan in 1987 and fought against the Soviets along side with Osama Bin Laden, developing a relationship of firm friendship and trust. Khalid Khawaja’s name resurfaced when US reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted and subsequently killed. Pearl had come to Pakistan and met Khalid Khawaja in order to investigate the jihadi network of revered sufi, Syed Mubarak Ali Gailani."

Mansour Hasnain: A member of the group that kidnapped and murdered Danny Pearl. He also was "a militant of the Harkat-al-Mujahedin group, is one of those who hijacked an Indian Airlines jet in December 1999 and forced New Delhi to release three militants -- including Omar and Azhar."

Mohammad Hashim Qadeer: "Suspected of being one of [Daniel] Pearl’s actual killers, was arrested in August 2005 and has notable al-Qaida links" and "ties with the banned extremist groups Harkat-ul-Mujahedeen and Jaish-e-Muhammad."

Mohammad Bashir: Another Pakistani complicit in the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Aamni Ahmad, Hala Ahmad and Nooran Abdu: Facilitators/couriers, and wives of al-Qaeda members. "Pakistani authorities arrested 23 Arabs, including two children, suspected of links to Osama bin Laden, officials said Wednesday. All of them sneaked into the country from Afghanistan in recent weeks. The suspects include three women, identified as Aamni Ahmad, Hala Ahmad and Nooran Abdu, who are believed to be relatives of bin Laden. An interior ministry official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the arrests were made in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province, which borders Afghanistan."

Gul Ahmed Shami & Hamid Noor: Al-Qaeda foot soldiers who fought in Afghanistan. "I want to be the next Osama bin Laden," said Shami in 2001. "Allah is with us. The Americans have technology but they don't have the courage to face death, which we do. I will be there until my death if need be. I know I probably won't come back," said Hamid.

These “miscreants” and “foreigners” are said to be streaming back to al-Qaeda's new safe haven of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, and reconstituting al-Qaeda's organization.

As the Pakistani government lives up to their end of the “Waziristan Accord,” the Taliban and al-Qaeda have broken it repeatedly. Anti-Taliban clerics and tribal leaders have been shot and beheaded in Waziristan. A government official was also kidnapped in Waziristan, and a reporter was murdered in Dera Ismail Khan. The Taliban flaunts the terms of the truce and expands into neighboring agencies, and the Pakistani government continues to look the other way.

here is a link to “The Honey Business”

here is a link to the State Department Terrorist Exclusion List
Notice several in there that the Telegraph fails to recognize.
It would seem that, whilst Pakistan is officially part of the “war on terror”, there are so many skeletons from the past, a.k.a SIS, Pakistan secret police/army, the best policy was to
free them and hope they go away.

Links to other terrorists are here and here

You get the picture.
Motives behind this move by Pakistan, I will leave to the speculation of others.

Anonymous said...

Dang me, aw'll surely speculumate. Me an the bohys been chewin over this, an Ah reckon it's a cunning plan by bubba, bless 'im, a doggon good true yankee, to get these stoneage sand savages rag-heads into one corner, in an isomalated area, and nuke their cotton-pickin assholes. Before that me an the bohys is gonna ride over thar, an round up all those sonsofbitches, jez like we doz long horns, an drivem into the mountains.
When you've done roustin that there ethnic, John, how 'bout your bohys joinin mine on a gud ol rodeeeooo.
Lets rock an roll

Anonymous said...

Jez hang on a minute thar Roy. Ah cain't get no dum dums down the hardware. Ah got to file me some crosses on the points. That'll blow their bollox off, goddam it. Being snuffed by a doggone cross.

Anonymous said...

Now John, jezz you leave mah injun be, he don't mean no harm shitting on the sidewawk, is jezz the way he been brunged up.
Don't forgit the tank o pigs blood, Roy. You gotta spray them varmints wi pigs blood, goddam it. We done killed so many o the critters there ain't no virgins left. I even seen me one on the tarmac at JFK tryin to screw an airliner. least that's what he sain win Ah stuck mah colt up his ass.

Anonymous said...

Take a look here

Anonymous said...

The humans (?) demonstrating were part of this group

Major General Creedon said...

If it's necessary for the females to have their faces covered due to their religion, so be it. But I don't believe it's necessary for the males to be covered (it's not like there was freak dust-storms outside Westminster, Sunday). I propose that any 'dodgy-character' or foreign looking male wearing headdress (especially of middle-eastern origin) which completely covers the facial features, thus making it difficult for authorities to identify him, should be summarily executed (or at least arrested and beaten) as he's obviously up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Well done Colonel. Under your new regieme we'll have Paki doctors breathing onto patients in the operating rooms as they will live in fear of putting on their surgical masks...

Anonymous said...

Now listen 'ere mista guns, next time you tawk sense 'ull be the first. Now git this, operatin theatres ain't public places, not like where those rag-heads are. Second, ops masks are not intended to intimidate an insult anyone, not like them critter rag heads is. Third, ops masks are not a deeefense agin police cameras either. Fourth (its OK ah can count, Ah ain't run out of fingers yit), ops masks are ACCEPTED BY FOLKS and are requiremuments of Health and Safety rules for da saike of de patient, whome as Ah am reliably informationed by mah gud friend wyatt, is infection-risk challenged (Ah thank that's wot he saaied) at that point.
Fifth, (bohy its gittin close, any moha an I'll be using my other hand), what in gods name you Brits, usin Paki surgeons fer?? Goddam it folks, jest how far has this cotton pickin socialusism pushed you down the goddam ladder of evolution? Ah can see yore Brits needs some gud old fashioned western help!!!
So mista gun, boy, your comment is blowin hot air up mah ass, and is jest stoopid bullshit designed to git mah dander up. Mista gun, you better jezz git on your horse, befoar Ah spray yu with pigs blood an stick mah colt right down your goddam stoopid mouth. Not many folks can take tha lead poisoning. Hey ya ain't got silver hair ave yu?

Anonymous said...

Anee insult to the Colonel is an insult to thah intire nation. All the good worx of the Col. need recogninition, an defending as wud the stars an stripes be defended.
Bess doo as Johny boy sez, mista, before Ah takes it into mah head to join the party.

Anonymous said...

Now bohyes Ah can see you're all fiesty and dandered up, but you ain't got no cause. Master was sayin 'bout the puwer patient subject to stinkin garlic an stuff (how do they eat that shit?)an from a Paki, at that.
An mahybe he was sayin 'bout the Paki bein scared o them coyotes the thought police. Surgins ain't all bad, jezz the religinious rag head freaks.
Yu see, Ah bin dooin me some readin, an Ah reckons that life goddam sucks right now in the UK, what wit the lefties an commies at the BBC and Westminster, an all the shit for brains wavin flags an burnin 'em.
Ah don't figure Master to be the varmint you make him out to be.
Ah think the best bet is ship em all back, in unsafe boats, or bang 'em up like wot we did in WW11.
Come here Silver, goddam it, behave youself.

Anonymous said...

The lone rangers is right, guys. Ah figure the Brits have about had ennuf of this commie bastard bullshit.
What you got to unnerstand is the compulsinamous tax that the Brits pay to watch TV, that gets routed to the BBC, is mainly used for oversees propagandeer. The biggest audimunce for the commie BBC is abroad, an like a true business, they gotta feed the rag head audimunce, an appear “flexible” on their goddam inland bullshit. Either that or they are jezz plain fucking stupid, an Judge Blood is out on that one.
So John, old buddy,lengthen your fuse a little an lay off ol’ Master, Ah reckon he’s not the coyote at all.
An Ah also figure that the BNP can sit tight. Ah mean, all this ere rag head bullshit is doin’ its work for em. Anyone with more than one brain-cell (an that excludes the BBC, all politiconmous, and most public sector morons an especially the defender of the rag heads, cherry bliar) can see there’s gonna be a godamm massive backlash pretty soon. Well, slap mah thigh, that conservative weasel may get but-fucked on prime-time, and they might even get ‘em a right wing goddam god fearin flag wavin republican government, affiliated to NAFTA, yet.
An ifin they do, they can come to mah rodeeeeeoooo any time, on the house.
Reap the whirlwind Osama.

Anonymous said...

Well, here we go again
Here is a link developing terrorist networks
And here is a link to a pair of raving lunatics
Now I realize that the millions of the colonels avid readers in Ireland may have been brain-washed by the desire of the Irish press to support the morally hazardous European line, but as newsprint circulations decline and global news, and blogs are more widely read, gradually, very gradually, perceptions will change. Sometimes perceptions undergo a seismic shift. I believe that at this point in history, we are witnessing such a shift.
The great pity is that, at least in Europe, the stand against the nonsense issuing from the Islamists, is being taken at a theological level, by members of the Christian hierarchy, no doubt at personal risk to themselves, while the craven politicians of all European nations, are approaching on bended knees bringing offering of trade agreements, soft loans, technical, scientific and diplomatic aid of all types. They never seem to learn that rewarding terrorism, aggression, human rights abuses etc only encourages the perpetrators to repeat again that which worked in the past.

Anonymous said...

Here is thetranscipt of Chavez at the UN The second madman.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at these links. They spell the death of Arab economies that have not diversified away from oil. The OPEC nations will still pump oil, but the selling price will be constrained by output from these sources within the U.S. The west will not be held to ransom by OPEC, and Russia much longer. (the Norway pipeline is rescuing UK gas costs right now from Russian greed). Costs of extraction are higher for these deposits as the process is more complex. Output will be expanded rapidly in the next 4/5 years. The cash bonanza enjoyed by Middle East states that currently funds terrorism and political/religious expansion will fall rapidly. Make no mistake, these reserves are vast, many times the size of Saudi Arabia, the main exporter of the vicious wahabbi cult. Iran and the ilk will be economic dead meat.

this initial report appeared a few yous agoand was largely ignored




It is to my regret that I have been unable to generate a discussion on these pages. I have been accused of spam. This is my last message.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, cough.
May as well correct it before I go


Anonymous said...

Drat, I can not escape. I found this as I was closing down this subject, if anyone can be bothered, that is.

America to Stop ALL Oil Imports from the Middle East!

U.S. Government unveils secret of the world's biggest oil reserve, which spans Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming and holds...
8-times more oil than Saudi Arabia... 18-times more oil than Iraq... 22 times more oil than Iran...

When drilling begins, it could mean an end to Middle East oil dependency...

Al-Qaeda has declared war on Middle Eastern oil facilities...

In March, terrorists rammed three bomb-loaded cars through the front gates of Abqaiq, a gigantic Saudi Arabian oil facility.

This was the second attempt in as many months to destroy Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil refinery — with terrorists getting as close as 300 feet to the most sensitive areas.

A successful strike would have lifted oil prices to $150 a barrel for as long as a year.

Since then, the Juaymah storage tanks and the off shore rigs at Ras Tanura — both in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province — have also narrowly avoided destruction

In July the situation got even worse. The conflict between Israel and Hezbollah pushed oil prices to $78 per barrel — a record high!

In the United States, the message is clear: End dependency on foreign oil or suffer the consequences.

This is why last year a group of U.S. lawmakers unleashed a new plan: to finally unveil a secret U.S. government oil field and unlock the oil trapped inside.

Last August, the Energy Department delivered the full report:

This new reserve holds more than 2 TRILLION barrels of oil... Enough to meet our energy demands for the next 500 years, according to some estimates.

In other words, this reserve is so big it could put a stop to our foreign oil dependency and end oil worries forever.

While you almost never hear about it in the mainstream news, plans are already underway to drill this massive oil field.

The government is finalizing the details this very moment...
• “The gigantic untapped [oil] resources found in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming are sufficient to meet our energy needs, while also contributing to the ever-increasing global demand for liquid fuels.”

-- Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch

Developing this new oil resource “could literally shake the world.”

-- Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Pete Domenici

• “We actually have some of the world’s largest potential oil resources within our borders. If my math is correct, we have 12 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia.”

-- Energy and Minerals Subcommittee Chairman, Jim Gibbons

Already, a small group of companies have been chosen to lead the way........................

Major General Creedon said...

There's no "leaving" around here, you go when I've dismissed you and not before- IS THAT CLEAR?

No one has accused you of spam seeker, not that I am aware of anyway. Admittadly we could do without the excessive "conversation" between John Wayne, Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger, it's silly, and when you consider that remark comes from an Irishman who dressing up as a Marine Colonel for kicks brandishing toy guns on his blog, then you then realise how silly it must be.

I think you've been getting somewhat confused between the idea behind a blog and a forum, I shall bestow my wisdom:

In a blog, just like this one, some nutter with an ego voices his view on a certain subject or reports a topical item which he's under the impression that folk are intrested in just because he is. In this particular case it's Enviornmentally safe ammunition. People then (usually under one user name, not multiple personalities) respond, rebuke or acknowledge in some way that they have assimilated the knowlege you've bestowed and in many cases address their own views on the subject. For the most part, the views are expressed in the author's own words as opposed to posting countless pages and links from other websites that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

A forum (or even your own blog) will deliver the 'discussion' you wish to generate. This allows you to create your own topic of discussion for people to respond to and follow your lead. People desiring knowledge on whatever you're informing people about will find what you've written and for instance your research and intrest in UNSC Resolution 1701 and commendable racist attitude towards militant wogs will not be lost on a bunch of folk looking for knowledge of 50 foot tall alien robots who have the ability to disguise themselves as earth vehicles as you did revently.

Ironically, that said however in light of your most recent contribution, I'm sure glad that so many of my fellow Marines have died preserving peace and democracy in Iraq as opposed to fighting for oil when the US were sitting on it the whole time. Why has this not got out into the mainstream news in earnest so it can be proved once and for all that the war in Iraq isn't about oil. The fucking democrats will use this in their anti-war propaganda to support the next election. I'm not going to serve through another mundane democratic Presidential term now that I've tasted "glory days" godammit!

Anonymous said...

Aw Shucks, you enticed me back with your eloquence.
Your glory days won't be over, Colonel, as I'll prove to you shortly, but you might like to consider the following.
There is evidence of some cockroaches and skullduggery in you own back-yard, that, given your evidently intelligent attitude towards reason, you may
to erradicate. If you examine the names given towards the end of the link, and google them with known terrorist names, the results are illuminating.
Here are some
Now, boycotts of intelectuals, of whatever race, are ineffectual, given the size of the global academic community, but one undertaken to compley with the madness which is the Palestinian Authority is Amoral
Also, if you trawl around "Technion" which is an Israeli superior world leading world class educatioal establishment, (firsts in VPNs,Firewalls etc VOIP, data Compression algorithms, - mp3 etc) you will realize that an Irish boycott would not worry the Israelis.
Something smells here, that requires military action.
Proof of upcoming requirements for your miltary skills will follow, but they are taking some time to sort out.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'll also give you evidence of Iraqi WMD prior to the latest bash. Make of it what you will, but I'm still trying to get to the bottom of that GLOBAL CONSPIRACY

Anonymous said...

On 1st September, 06, a highly significant successful USA missile test took place.
took place and a highly significant certification also took place. Lt Gen. Obering of The Pentagon then gave a briefing and it is well worth reading the entire document
This test success puts the development of U.S. missile defenses significantly ahead of the North Korean or Iranian missile threat against U.S. territory. The U.S. is enjoying accelerating success with its missile defence systems, while the North Korean/Iranian missile consortium seems years away from being able to threaten the U.S. with a nuclear capable ICBM.

The U.S. ground-based mid-course system standing up in Alaska and California is designed to thwart the ICBM threat from North Korea against the western United States. The U.S. is in negotiations with Poland and the Czech Republic to establish interceptor sites in those countries to counter an Iranian ICBM threat against the eastern U.S.

Critics of the U.S. missile defence effort claim that the system ignores the threat of shorter-range missiles that could be launched from freighters off the coast of the U.S. This seems like a fairly trivial threat for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to track and counter, given the developing maritime surveillance abilities
Decision makers don’t like to smuggle a nuclear weapon or its components across corruption-prone and bandit-filled routes and borders. With so many factors such as nosey or belligerent border guards, curious passers-by, accidents, human mistakes, or just dumb luck are out of their control. By this delivery route Iran would risk the worst of all worlds – the failure to reach the target and the total vulnerability to retaliation.
Ironically, these preparations give the U.S. the opportunity to back away from the Iranian problem, as seems to have been happening, given recent developments at the UN.
The U.S. has an interest in preventing an Iranian nuclear weapons program, but among the Europeans,
Russians and Chinese, the U.S. is the least threatened by the escalating conflict. A belligerent Iran helps to unify Iraq’s currently squabbling factions, and also pushes America’s other allies in the Persian Gulf region closer to the U.S. security shield. By the way, this meeting
did take place and is perfectly normal, given that other than Wahabism, Saudi Arabia is predominantly Sunni, and is threatened by a messianic Shiite Iran
Iranian missile capability will threaten Europe long before it threatens the U.S. homeland. And in any case, who is doing the most research and development on missile defense, the U.S. or Europe?
Given that America is years ahead of any Iranian or North Korean missile technology, and is growing more confident in its defence capabilities, the next most important U.S. interest would be to reassure and defend U.S. allies, first in the Persian Gulf area, and second, elsewhere.
Before missile defences seemed feasible, the West faced the choice of either preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state, or tolerating the consequences if it did. Among the worst of those consequences was the certainty of a highly unstable three-sided nuclear arms race, conducted by a grouping of fragile dictatorships.
With both diplomacy and/or military options for controlling Iran, America would pay the highest price for the least benefit,- she is the least vulnerable. Successful U.S. missile defense systems change the rules of the game. The U.S. is no longer compelled to be the leader on the Iran problem. It is no longer required to commit its diplomatic prestige or its military blood and money. The U.S. would no longer be compelled to prostrate itself before the UN Security Council, pleading for concessions from Russia or China. The U.S. no longer would have to contort itself jumping through diplomatic hoops. From this position, the U.S. will remove any leverage Russia, China, or Iran might previously have had, save that of political obligations to affected friends.
Concerning Theatre deployment in local areas these T H A A D technologies will be deployed and the Aegis systems for Naval borne defence (at top of article) to counter the Iranian medium-range missile threat to U.S. allies around the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Navy Aegis systems would counter sea-based Iranian nuclear delivery in the Persian Gulf area.

NATO headquarters in Belgium issued a press release announcing the awarding of a contract to build a missile defense system designed to protect NATO troops in the field against ballistic missile attack. The contract winner for this systems integration effort, Science Applications International Corporation of San Diego, California issued its own press release, briefly, the scope of the programme But remember, the Nato announcement said for deployment in 2010!!!
It is difficult to discern precisely what the capabilities of this new NATO system will be. It appears to resemble the U.S. THAAD system, a deployable system to provide area coverage against theatre-wide missile threats.

The new European system does not appear designed or capable of defending the European continent against long-range ballistic missile attack. Missile defence is a physics problem. The longer the range of the attacking missile, the faster its speed, as a ballistic missile requires more kinetic energy to span a longer distance. But the faster the missile, the more difficult it is to intercept. This is why the U.S. had the technology to intercept short-range Scud missiles 15 years ago (using anti-aircraft missiles to do so), while an enormous expenditure and a two-decade effort is only now producing the ability to intercept an intercontinental-range missile.

So for Europe, this contract award is a very belated start on missile defence. It also seems a long, long way from providing any protection for the European population against, say, an emerging Iranian missile threat.
Europe has found its interest in missile defence too late.

Strong U.S. missile defences will be in place when Iran and North Korea have nuclear-armed ICBMs ready. Europe, by contrast, looks likely to lose this race. It will then have to squirm with the consequences.

Given the current intransigence of Europe, and in particular, France, in dealing with a multi pointed trouble area of Israel, Hamas, Hezbullah, and Syria, a nuclear armed messianic Iran, and the proposed, but so far stillborn, EU defence force (distinct from NATO),which will severely reduce the transfer of mission critical US Technology, because of perceived technology drift, EU vs US in the WTO stand-offs on tariffs, and American interests in keeping its own troops safe in Iraq, and the oil flowing from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Gulf States, particularly Sunni Gulf states, until its own oil flows from the shale deposits mentioned in earlier messages, Europe will not necessarily be top of the US defence agenda

At a critical time in the clash of civilizations, where politicians local, national, and Europe wide, are blindly following a politically correct line, so politically correct that they are unable to take a moral stand on any single issue, and bowing to the ground on every demand from indigenous Muslims, those craven politicians, busily infighting and empire building, have left us undefended against a possibly nuclear armed messianic madman who has sworn a Europe wide Caliphate.

Anonymous said...

your mission, Colonel, should you chose to accept it, is to adapt your already prodigious Earth defences towards the enemy outlined in the previous message, WITHOUT suffering any diminution of intergalactic defence abilities.
This message will self destruct in 5 seconds......................

Anonymous said...

the next is taking some time. Maybe tommorow.


Major General Creedon said...

Hmmm, that's a pretty tall order. The US is the biggest contributer to UNETIDA's budget and responsible for most of our missile defence capability/technology. However as George doesn't believe in Aliens as much as Ronald did we've seen a slow decline in support especially now since the GWOT has occupied most of the defence spending in the past 5 years.
I was actually hoping for something like the Coup in Thailand so that the US would suspend it's military aid, which it has today- money that could now instead come our way if I mention the possibility to the right people :)

Anonymous said...

Hey COLONEL You are a Mega star. Do a google on unetida.
The Seeker salutes you together with other outstanding military personell, like Patton, etc.
Well done, the news of your exploits preceeds you.

Major General Creedon said...

It seems the only references to the United Nations Extra-Terrestrial Invasion Defence Agency (UNETIDA) are here. One may think I made the whole thing up. Aha, but is that what they want you to think. If it got out that the UN Security Council has authorised a military force to combat aliens during the UN's "decade of contact", set up front companies and funds R&D for space weapons, then Kofi would be out on his ass and the UN itself may be dissolved... but I've said too much.

UNETIDA is not to be confused with