Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Transformer Leaders Unveiled

While the characters look awesome, I wonder what the actual toys themselves will look like?

In my time in college, I was repeatedly chastised or even failed for producing potentially lethal designs of everyday objects. This was based on my philosophy of being able to defend your home with any object without relying on the weight of a blunt object to kill or maim an intruder.

If these character designs are reproduced faithfully in toy form, I'll buy them and bring them up to Carlow Institute of Technology to show my former professors screaming "See? See? This is what I was trying to do!!!"


Anonymous said...

The wise Industrial Design Masters of Carlow I.T. will shake their ancient heads, and say, "Tried you have, Failed you have, Should have DONE, Should you have!"

Anonymous said...

Errr Optimus prime looks okay but why does Megatron look like an obscene Sex Toy?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

speaking of phallic objects, shouldn't he have a large cannon on his arm? Not sure if the tank Megatron did, but I see no barrel anywhere on him?

Anonymous said...

So ugly it hurts my eyes

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Civlian Overseer: Jock would've been the only one to talk like that but he dies some years ago. Perhaps he's there in a "Jedi Spirit" form like Yoda after death?

@ Vaughan: I don't know what obscene Sex Toys you've seen but if you think Megs looks like one then I don't want to know!

@ Sith Apologist: Think of this as a "re-imagining" of the Transformers, little will be as it was in our childhood.

@ Anonymous: Which one?

Anonymous said...

OT/OT: but I ain't gonna say sorry.

Message to NASA
Hey guys, you're looking in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

Hi,seeker. I've been wondering where you are. Any news?

Anonymous said...

Been wondering about many things. An old aquaintance, - I've lost his e-mail add.- Can't remember it. He used to be a games programmer.Oh well...............sigh!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't help.I know who you mean, but he likes his privacy, you know, kind of a secretive person. No doubt he'll pop-up when you least expect it. Rumour on the street is that he's rather busy right now, his business is extremely sticky given prevailing market conditions, and foreign expansion plans. He's promised something exciting a few days from now, - maybe you can catch him then.
Best of luck anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Black Jack, nice to see you again. How long has it been now? 7 years maybe. How you keeping? I suppose you've been busy in other forums - - strange that we should bump into each other at the Colonels table so to speak. I can understand that you've got what you want in life, - - for my own part I'm still striving, but I'll get there. Still hosting the same old place??
Regards, Seeker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Seeker, still hosting the same-old. Long standing options tie me, still, it keeps me busy, but I have to delegate so much now, kinda takes the fun out of it,--- ya know? The empire is growing, and one day, well!!!
Have you tried my old friend in Toronto, the one with the sunny smile on his face. He's a real ray of sunshine on a bleak day. I must say he gets his technologies a bit mixed up though, concerning CRTs and flat screens, de--- what is it again? (:-) He may be able to help. Failing that, try the Godfather, if you can find him, he's a bigger recluse than the programmer, but you may just strike lucky. Last I heard he was in Paris.
Anyway, best of luck.

Anonymous said...

See ya around, Black Jack, say hello to Adml Nimitz for me when you see him. I'll give those other guys a try, they may have some news.
Regards. S

Anonymous said...

Sorry Colonel, Didn't know my friends would turn up like that.
Now, over to you again.
Ham and cheese

Anonymous said...

OT/OT, and I - - well this time I may be a tad sorry, but only a tad.
Message to Jet propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. "Hey guys, you're still looking in the wrong place"

Anonymous said...

YO, there, YO, Seeker. I"ve been thinking about your search overnight, and maybe you should give the alchemist a try. I heard that the programmer and the alchemist were really close buddies long time ago, - it's just possible they keep in touch. They worked on a few formula that brought results. Maybe they went into mass production. Anyway, gotta go. Got a vessel to run and a war to win. See you seeker, drop in when I've got more time, and we can remember the old-times and plan the new.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Adml N, yes, the old times were good times.
I never really took to the Alchemist. A tad to disingenuous for my liking. Besides, I was the original Alchemist and he stole my title.
Way back when, around the time of Zep Tepi, I had the knowledge, the understanding, and I hid my manuscripts very well. The Greeks say that I hermetically sealed them. Of course my knowledge was a distillation of acquired knowledge from thousands of years before Zep Tepi, if you can get your mind round that!!, and it had to be preserved, since things were rapidly going down hill.
Before Zep Tepi we had an advanced global optics industry, the evidence is all around us, but the establishment morons can't see it. It died and had to be reinvented a few hundred years ago, although it has to be said that it survived in secret pockets, mostly in Greece. Now you don't get an optics industry without grinding and polishing technologies, nor without a knowledge of physics, - refractive index, latent heat, etc. The Greeks knew about Demios and Phobos, and even Homer mentioned them in the Iliad, and you gotta have optics to see them, right? And the star Sirius, with its degenerate matter brother and sister stars, siriusB and siriusC were known 7,000 years ago, and we only found 'em again a few years ago!
You see where I'm going?
Anyway, I hid my writings, and everybody has been searching for them for thousands of years. Nature took its course and I reincarnated to become a Merlin. Well this was a new role for me. It was so frustrating. I had knowledge of my previous powers, but I couldn't access them. I was a watered-down version, getting by on a few parlour tricks to please the idiots of the dark ages. It was at that point that the Alchemist stole from me. He stole my title, but he doesn't know diddly about true alchemy, and I guess I don't anymore, since I came back as Seeker. In a way, I suppose he is an alchemist, in his terms. He’s able to interfere at a quantum level and change the dynamics of a situation, and you can’t do that without a hellofa lot of knowledge. That's why I'm seeking, seeking the programmer, 'cos I figure he's the best of the lot, and I seek the wisdom of the new age to help achieve., and the security of the old days.
So, programmer, if you are around!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that the western politicians must keep their brain just the top side of their sphincter muscle.
My friend Salomon Benzimra contributed to this article.

UN Security Council Resolution 1701 put an end to the month long war between Israel and Hizbullah. Two weeks after the cessation of hostilities, a conference was held in Stockholm to specifically raise funds for the reconstruction of Lebanon, but without any concern whatsoever for the damage inflicted by Hizbullah on Israeli civilian facilities.

The Stockholm Conference included some sixty participants, comprising many countries, international organizations and NGOs. The Lebanese prime minister, Fouad Siniora, opened the conference on August 31 with an appeal for help after "Israeli bombing wiped out 15 years of postwar development." Expected to raise about $500 million, the participants pledged twice that amount in what was considered an overwhelming success, while Israel was sidelined.

The Swedish Prime Minister, Goran Persson, showed his solidarity with the Lebanese people: "Our message... should be clear and firm: You are not alone.... War may be the business of some, but peace will always be our common duty."

However noble these sentiments may be, there was a shocking omission: the quest for responsibility. Whereas the European Left has always been eager to find exculpatory "root causes" in all matters related to Islamic terrorism after 9/11 - and has found them in such implausible factors as poverty, inequality, oppression, joblessness and alienation - there was no mention in Stockholm of the root causes of the Lebanese ordeal. This is one, if not the major root cause

This omission is nothing short of obscene.

A brief background is in order. Israel was attacked by Hizbullah in an unprovoked aggression. The casus belli that triggered the war on July 12 - after six years of cross-border violations in full view of the UNIFIL observers, whose dubious role is still being questioned today - was the launching of Katyushas across the Israel-Lebanon border at the same time that two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and four others were killed. Everyone recognized that Israel was the attacked party: the G8, the UN, the EU and even Saudi Arabia unequivocally identified Hizbullah as the aggressor.

And yet, at the Stockholm Conference, the only thing we heard from the "international community" was pledges to assist Lebanon in its reconstruction effort, as if the country had suffered a natural disaster. This is an obscenity.

There was nothing natural in this destruction: it was the result of a war launched from Lebanese territory against a sovereign neighboring country. Certainly, Lebanon, as a country, did not attack Israel. Hizbullah did. But Hizbullah is an armed militia affiliated to a political party with significant representation in the Lebanese parliament and at the ministerial level, even though it is trained, armed and spiritually supported by a foreign power, Iran.

Moreover, except for his declaration on the first day of hostilities, Fouad Siniora maintained his firm support for Hizbullah throughout the period of hostilities, conveniently forgetting his obligation to disarm Hizbullah, as required by UN Resolution 1559, which was passed two years earlier. The regular Lebanese army also cooperated with Hizbullah on more than one occasion. Therefore, holding Lebanon to be a squeaky clean victim of aggression is also obscene.

Whatever the legal responsibility of Hizbullah and Lebanon in the war, Israel was certainly the victim of aggression. Not only did the participants in the Stockholm Conference never raise this issue, but some organizations even compounded the obscenity by accusing Israel.

In an appalling statement, analysts of the European-based Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (French acronym CADTM) declared, "Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon must demand accountability from their aggressors.... For Lebanon, a possible solution resides in the immediate cancellation of its debt and the establishment of funds for its reconstruction, which would be fed by reparations deposited by Israel."

Furthermore, CADTM suggested that the United States, as a backer of Israel, should also be liable for "reparations." They concluded with this pearl of Orwellian doublespeak: "It is only then that it will be possible to say that the Lebanese people will have received justice."

These comments from CADTM should have provoked an uproar of indignation, but nothing was heard in the august halls of the Stockholm Conference. This silence was also obscene.

Now is the time to put "reparations" in its proper context. The issue of war reparations is covered in the 1907 Fourth Hague Convention and in the Geneva Conventions of 1949. More recently, the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) was set up to deal with Iraq, following its attack on Kuwait in 1991. Security Council Resolution 687, adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter,

mentions that "Iraq... is liable under international law for any direct loss, damage... or injury to foreign Governments, nationals and corporations, as a result of Iraq's unlawful invasion... of Kuwait."

Chapter VII deals with "threats to peace, breaches of the peace and acts of aggression." Iraq was forced to accept all the provisions of Resolution 687. Similar action should have been taken against Hizbullah for the damage inflicted on Israel's civilian areas, but UN Resolution 1701
failed to mention any liability on the part of the aggressor. Had a conference been convened in Stockholm back in 1991, I doubt its single concern would have been to assist Iraq financially.

No one would deny that innocent Lebanese civilians suffered greatly from the war. But so did Israeli civilians, with hundreds of thousands of people displaced, 6,000 homes destroyed and the northern Israeli economy in shambles.

So, rather than basking in the one-sided consensus of Stockholm, a more constructive way to handle the situation would be to create a joint Lebanese-Israeli body, including those elements of Lebanese society that have not been tainted by Hizbullah, i.e. Christians, Druzes, Sunnis and possibly a portion of the Shi'a population, and launch a combined claim for war reparations from Hizbullah's supporters - Syria and, especially, Iran.

This approach would have many advantages that were not apparent in the ill-conceived Stockholm Conference:

1) A claim for war reparations would be a powerful deterrent to aggressive "adventurism," as the Saudi foreign minister characterized the Hizbullah attack.

Leaving military aggressors financially unscathed encourages further aggression.

2) Creating a multi-billion dollar lien against Iran would be welcomed by the international community, now that sanctions are envisaged against Iran for the non-fulfillment of its nuclear obligations.

3) The creation of such a joint Israeli-Lebanese body will be a positive sign of collaboration between Israeli and Arab civil societies. There is no territorial dispute between Lebanon and Israel, notwithstanding the phony issue of the Shebaa Farms. This initiative should be welcomed by all Sunni Arabs, who are now more scared of Iran than they are of Israel.

None of the above was on the agenda of the Stockholm Conference, where Israel was viewed either as the aggressor or as the party working against peace.

In the conferees' lopsided view of reality, where the relationship of cause to effect never enters the equation, the donor countries also pledged half a billion dollars to the Palestinians, 90% of which is to be channeled through the Palestinian Authority, now controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. No questions were asked, no conditions set. Once again, the international donors were mesmerized by the swan song of Mahmoud Abbas, whose senior advisor complained about the "never-ending" humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and the "constraints imposed on the Palestinians."

It would have taken a volley of Kassam rockets crashing through the entrance of the Stockholm Conference hall to give those donors a bitter taste of reality.

Yes indeed, a bitter taste of reality is urgently needed in the moronic corridors of western governments. AND WE PICK UP THE TAB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jews are silent. Again. By Hadassa Ben-Itto 1

In the welter of criticism directed at the war in Lebanon, one question has not been asked: why has there been nothing about the intolerable hate propaganda swamping the Arab-Muslim world, led – again – by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ?

Now that the second Lebanon war is over we hear from all sides that we “fell asleep on sentry duty,” that we underestimated the strength of the enemy, that we were unprepared and too self-confident, that we committed sins of hubris and made false promises to our friends overseas and to the citizens of Israel, that we deluded ourselves into thinking that the existence of the State of Israel guaranteed the future of the Jewish people. Demands come from all sides to appoint a commission of inquiry. “Off with their heads!” people cry.

Were I to be called before such a committee, I would testify that for years one subject has been neglected and never mentioned, although it is no less relevant to the current war than other subjects endlessly harped on. Indeed, we did fall asleep: we never developed an effective strategy to deal with a lethal weapon of another sort, one as dangerous as missiles and rockets.

We keep asking ourselves how the entire Muslim world, including the parts of it not involved in the conflict with the Palestinians, and which do not seem to be the least interested in the Palestinian fate, were so successfully seduced into taking a stand against us, not only leaders but the man on the street as well. Why do thousands run rampant through the streets calling for our destruction? Is it only in defense of Arab honor? And why are they joined by all the human rights organizations, whose original agendas were not supposed to include a struggle against Jews and the State of Israel?

An American diplomat once said to me, “I don't believe this is happening to the Jews again. You haven't learned your lesson. If you had carefully read Mein Kampf you would know what's waiting for you. The writing is on the wall again but you don't even look at it. Wars don't begin in the battlefield. Read the UNESCO Charter that says, ‘Wars start in the minds of men.'”

For the last hundred years a dangerous lie has been spreading throughout the world. It accuses us of being responsible for every catastrophe visited upon humanity, and is based on the claim that the very existence of Jews endangers world peace. It is the famous “Jewish conspiracy” whose goal is to dominate the world, carefully detailed in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , of which millions of copies are distributed in every conceivable language.

Not only do we not read The Protocols , the book has not even been translated into Hebrew.

Since the Second World War we have not bothered to pinpoint the methodical poisoning of the minds of hundreds of millions of Muslims with the message that the Jews are a danger to their existence. The facts are out there for all to see, they look at us from the pages of newspapers, from studies and from books. We have seen it all and done nothing. We have become tired of dealing with Jew haters, fatigued from denying the libels. We became complacent and did not correctly evaluate the danger or look for ways of coping with it.

Entire nations, hundreds of millions of people, cannot be enlisted to take part in a struggle to destroy the Jews and Israel unless they have been subjected to a methodical, long-term propaganda campaign. We Jews failed to realize the use made of The Protocols to incite the pogroms in Russia at the beginning of the 20 th century; nor did we realize how the Nazis used them as a basis for the theory that as long as there were Jews in the world, they would carry out their plan to take over the globe, thus endangering the Nazi plan to achieve the same end.

Since the Second World War, Muslims have picked up the torch from the Nazis, with the avowed objective of destroying us, as a people and as a state. And that is stated openly, in public speeches given by heads of member states in the United Nations , in charters such as that of the Hamas and in sermons in the mosques.

The original version of the Protocols has not changed, but each of the thousands of editions, regardless of language, is prefaced by an explanation of how the Jews are currently implementing their plan, here and now. Thus new editions with new prefaces are necessary after each current event like the attack on the World Trade Center or the war in Iraq : read the newspapers, they say, the Jews are responsible for it all. The Arabic editions, whether published in Iran , Syria or Egypt , are distributed to Muslim communities in the West, prominently displayed at book fairs and sold at discount prices in stores on main streets.

In recent years, television series in Egypt , Syria and Qatar , one after another, were based on The Protocols and broadcast to the entire Muslim world during Ramadan, in the evening, when the entire family gathers to break the fast and turns on the TV. These are popular soap operas targeting all ages, including adolescents, which revive the criminal Jewish conspiracy theory to take over the world.

All this is happening here and now, as we look on.

The Muslim world believes the libel, even if there are a few intellectuals who might be willing to admit that perhaps The Protocols are a forgery. In a large hospital in the United States , I recently met a doctor of Lebanese extraction from a well-known Christian town. I asked him if he was familiar with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and he answered that he had a copy in his library, knew it well and believed every word. It's part of our culture, he said without blinking, in excellent American English.

The Arabic editions contain introductions which are completely delusional, wild and slanderous. They describe all events in world history as facets of the devilish Jewish plot and are accompanied by horrific cartoons (permissible, apparently, as long as they do not make fun of Muslims). There is no lack of similar editions in the West, but there special editions are printed for more intelligent audiences, such as the 2004 edition printed in the United States and sold in respectable bookstores in large cities.

I am looking at one such edition. It has a glossy red and white cover and is sold by Amazon for $7.95. It contains not only the original Protocols but also many documents based on the conspiracy theory. It “delves deeply” into what it calls “the Jewish problem,” giving the Jews credit for being smart, intelligent, Nobel Prize winners, definitely a people worthy of respect, but, precisely for that reason, dangerous to the world. It even deals with existing proof of the Protocols being a forgery. Thus the London Times , which was the first to expose the forgery in 1921, becomes part of the Jewish conspiracy. Others who exposed it, including a Russian princess and a French theologian, are presented as having criminal records.

The Jewish “intelligence service,” which systematically monitors manifestations of anti-Semitism, is not to blame. There are university departments and research institutes, there are conferences, publications, even websites that monitor what is printed in the Arab countries. But with the exception of a few “obsessed” individuals, there is no real awareness of the danger and there is no strategic plan to deal with it.

Today, the political correctness guiding public discourse bans statements made against anyone except Jews, even if they are true. Thus it is not all Muslims, not the Qu'ran, the commentator adds, every time he informs the world about another terrorist attack carried out by Muslims. If today a libel similar to The Protocols were disseminated about Muslims, or about any ethnic minority marked by its descent or non-Caucasian skin color, the streets would burn as they did because of a few pathetic cartoons in a marginal Danish newspaper.

When the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, publicly announces that he intends to destroy Israel, we don't ask ourselves why, in addition to missiles and nuclear weapons, he orders The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be printed and distributed, or why his emissaries dare exhibit an English edition of the Protocols at the Iranian stall at the international book fair in Frankfurt.

And the Jewish People remain silent. For a hundred years. Even now.

Jews do not burn embassies, we do not incite thousands to march in the streets. But that does not mean that there are no alternatives. Indeed, alternatives exist.

The conspiracy against the Jewish people must be dramatically exposed, because it disseminates a vicious libel whose objective is to prepare the ground again for the annihilation of the Jews.

We can flood the courts of the world with lawsuits against those who spread the lie, because today most countries have laws that prohibit incitement against religious, national or ethnic groups.

The struggle must be taken up in all its forms: legal, political, public, through the media, globally, in every possible way, to make our voice heard, loud and clear: ENOUGH, STOP THE LIBEL, STOP THE LIES!

Sad to say, the author is correct. The brain washing from birth has created 250m madmen in the middle east, all baying for blood. Israel has lost the hearts and minds war, globally. As a nation/nationality, they are too Race-centric, and this creates problems and excuses for madmen, and excuses for repressive regimes to redirect the anger of their repressed populations.

Anonymous said...

I've mentioned many times the corruption of Kofi Annan and his family, so here we go again, with a hat-tip to Claudia Rosett
Remember Ko jo Annan’s Mercedes? The car that reporters kept asking about last year, finally sending Kofi Annan into a temper tantrum at a televised press conference? I’m talking of course about the green Mercedes SUV that Kofi Annan’s son, Kojo, back in 1998, bought in Europe and shipped to Ghana — saving himself more than $20,000 in the process by making false use of his father’s name and privileges as United Nations secretary-general.

Well, with the 61st U.N. General Assembly opening this week, Kofi Annan held a press conference Wednesday morning at the U.N.’s New York headquarters, in which the Mercedes popped up again — but this time only as a joke. As preface to a softball question about Kofi’s legacy, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times kidded Kofi, “About that Mercedes...”Kofi, before speeding right on to the usual platitudes, quipped: “I’ll give you a ride.”Actually, Kofi has already taken us all for a ride. Questions about the car have pretty much faded away since Kojo Annan’s lawyer told the press this past January that Kojo, more than seven years after the fact, was offering to pay Ghana the customs duties owed. And — added the lawyer — the Mercedes had in any event been wrecked in an accident in Nigeria in late 2005 (as it happened, that would have been just weeks after Kojo’s car deal first made the news, and, with Times of London reporter James Bone in the lead, the press began asking about it at U.N. briefings).

That Mercedes still matters.

The tale of Kojo’s luxury car is emblematic of both the abuses of privilege, and the cover-ups, that are hallmarks of today’s U.N. Many of the mysteries surrounding that car have yet to be solved — including how a Mercedes imported into and registered in Ghana in the name of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan (documentation can be found here )
ended up wrecked seven years later in Nigeria. (Assuming the car was indeed wrecked, or for that matter, that it indeed ended up in Nigeria. Neither Kojo, nor Kofi, nor the U.N. has released to the public any evidence, documentary or otherwise, of this alleged wreck).

To make even the simplest journey to Nigeria, from Ghana, the car would have had to motor across at least two other countries, Togo and Benin. Did it cross these borders while registered in Kofi Annan’s name? Did it travel with diplomatic plates? If so, who drove it under U.N. auspices? Was ownership ever transferred out of Kofi’s name? If so, are we to believe that the staff of the U.N. Development Program office in Ghana, which handled the paperwork for the customs exemption and car registration in Ghana, in the secretary-general’s name, kept no further records whatsoever of the fate of a Mercedes presumably belonging to their top boss back in New York?

ended up wrecked seven years later in Nigeria. (Assuming the car was indeed wrecked, or for that matter, that it indeed ended up in Nigeria. Neither Kojo, nor Kofi, nor the U.N. has released to the public any evidence, documentary or otherwise, of this alleged wreck).

To make even the simplest journey to Nigeria, from Ghana, the car would have had to motor across at least two other countries, Togo and Benin. Did it cross these borders while registered in Kofi Annan’s name? Did it travel with diplomatic plates? If so, who drove it under U.N. auspices? Was ownership ever transferred out of Kofi’s name? If so, are we to believe that the staff of the U.N. Development Program office in Ghana, which handled the paperwork for the customs exemption and car registration in Ghana, in the secretary-general’s name, kept no further records whatsoever of the fate of a Mercedes presumably belonging to their top boss back in New York?

Kofi, you are disgusting. It is to be hoped that your up coming replacement is able to show a modicum of honesty, - a strange commodity in the halls of the UN

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Does all that mean you approve or disapprove of the new Transformers?

Anonymous said...

Verily, I approve. Long may they rule.
My good friend John Wayne, denies that he likened Sith Apologist to a trouser trumpet.

Anonymous said...

Giddyup there boahy, now salute the colonel as a true born fighting man. There.
Yup Colonel, Ay gotta say, these new transforma widgets seem to be the answer to every red blooded Americans home deefense system. The deesign ingineers got to be brilliant sons-of-bitches, an I raise mah Stetson to them. Tha hilbilleees goona luv em.
And Ah too do truley deeny, on the stars an striipes, that Ah ever said those dastardly thangs about old Sithy. Tha, that should clear da air.
Now, Colonel, thank you kindly for the air-time, all we yankeeees luv ya for your efforts for peace an the upholding of American dignity. Long may your battles be victorious. God bless you sir.

Anonymous said...

Hi, COLONEL, I'm just practicing, trying to give a proper live link. Please bear with me.
I hope this works
Incidently, I found this well worth a look.

Anonymous said...

Well, here I go again. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned particles that travel back in time to ensure their own future.
Well here is evidence that some thinkers are finally beginning to realize, although I wouldn't give the same name to those particles!
And what a thinker!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shhhhiiitt! I am I supposed to read all of this stuff above, why don't they get themselves a blog of there own, seems like they have enought to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!