Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coppers confiscate Bat'leth

British police have seized a replica Klingon bat'leth during a raid on a home in Gloucester.

The Sun Online reported that "this five-foot martial arts sword capable of beheading a man was recovered by shocked cops" and put on display at the start of a national knife amnesty program, encouraging owners to turn in illegally owned blades.

It was not reported why the bat'leth was taken, nor whether it was ever used in any sort of combat or criminal activity, but I'd assume the owner was involved in nefarious activity as opposed to a harmless Trekkie who thought that Worf's sword was cool and was using it as a decoration over his mantlepiece.


Anonymous said...

The Bloke's Missus probably ratted him out to the Cops because she was sake to death of explaining the damned thing to her relatives, every time they called round. She's probably got soem ducks over the mantelpiece now.

Anonymous said...

What about the Colonel's blades?

Anonymous said...

The Plods are wierd and lazy enough to have acted on a neighbours 'tip-off' when the poor owner was out at work. I'm pretty sure anyone he attacked with this would have remembered it.