Monday, May 29, 2006

Newsflash: Civilians die in war!

The chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff said today: "it would be premature for me to judge" the outcome of a Pentagon investigation into the killing of as many as a dozen Iraqi civilians by Marines.

Marine General Peter Pace said he believes its critically important to make the point that if certain service members are responsible for an atrocity there, "99.9% of our guys and gals are doing the job exactly the way they should be."

He also told FOX News that Gen. Mike Hagee, commandant of the Marine Corps, is going to reinforce the idea with the Marines "that that's what American fighting men and women do, they perform their mission with honor and dignity.
"And we'll let this investigation take its course and see where it goes and make it public," Pace said.

Pace's interview came a day after Rep. John Murtha, a prominent critic of Iraq policy, said that this incident last November in Haditha, Iraq, could undermine U.S. efforts there more than the Abu Ghraib prison scandal did. "I will not excuse murder, and this is what happened," he said. "This investigation should have been over two or three weeks afterward and it should have been made public and people should have been held responsible for it."

Pace added: "This investigation is ongoing. It would be premature for me to judge the outcome."

Colonel Creedon, of UNETIDA said: "Personally, I can say that this class of cover-up doesn't often happen in the military (unless it's an Area-51 situation, but that shit is done for your own good) and I'm sure there'll be a reasonable explanation for these events. It is an unfortunate fact of war that "innocent" people will die, that's how war gets a bad name. Most civvies that get shot, do so because they get in the in the way at an inopportune moment, but most get shot because they're running, don't run dammit! What are you running from? That'll get you shot; they even shoot you on the London Underground for that nowadays so why don't they think it'll happen in godammn warzone?"


Anonymous said...

What about that Air Force Special-Ops officer Sith Apologist said you shot? Was he running too?

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone remember that skinny village that the Colonel pillaged in the 'Leb?"

Scratching your heads in confusion?,

Thats right, the reason being that there was no evidence left, when the Colonel goes to war, its total.

I think Colonel, its time you gave your famous lecture pillaging for dummies again.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Captain was moving towards the Colonel whe the weapon was discharged, guns.
Of course, overseer - that why incriminating evidence against the Colonel is so hard to find. Who can tell if a corpse was unlawfully shot if the fuel-air bomb dropped by a called-in air strike levelled the entire town?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Let's just say we wouldn't want any investigation "tainted" by evidence.

Anonymous said...

Let's throw justice out the door as well.

Anonymous said...

After it's been double-tapped, of course.

Anonymous said...

Sithy are you suggesting the disbanding of the senate and investing power in the military govn'ors? ;)