Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission: Impossible 3

J.J.Abrams is some sort of prophet. Anyone that can take another Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible movie, rebuild it from the ground up and do one better than Brian "Lets follow this one camera around for a long time" DePalma and match John "I need two pistols and a flock of Doves" Woo is a fucking genius.
How did this man making it seem so fresh? Well he made a big budget episode of Alias with no Jen Garner or background plot getting in the way and added more explosions and automatic weapons- and it rocks!
If this is what he can do to Mission: Impossible; I'm salivating to think what he's going to do with Star Trek!!

Colonel Creedon Rating: *****

Warning: The attached comments may reveal spoilers.


Anonymous said...

I loved it where Ethan Hawke (Cruise) gets shot in the ass and has to limp around for the rest of the film seeping blood and faeces from the anus, frighteningly realistic.

Anonymous said...

Seen it last night, not a bad film at all, kept expecting to see Cruise jump on a sofa though.

Anonymous said...

You mean he didn't scream: "I'm so in love" when he jumped off a building/helicopter/train or whatever?

Anonymous said...

I also loved the blood and feaces bit. Who would have thought he'd die in the end thus end the chance of a fourth installemnt in this already hacknied franchise