Sunday, February 26, 2006

Violence and terrorism soar in the Colonel's absence

In retrospect it was probably a bad idea for me to 'advertise' that I was leaving the country for a couple of days...

At midday yesterday in Dublin, rioting broke out in protest to an Orange march through the city, an act which was about as clever as a KKK march through Alabama.

Now while I don't condone the actions of the obviously organised Republicans being joined by the Dublin scumbag elements and smashing in shop fronts and setting cars ablaze; the problem in the first place was the march to have been allowed to go ahead at all.

While I believe in the right to vote, the freedom of speech and the right to go and see crap like Jarhead if you want to, I do not on the other hand agree with people’s right to protest or march in any fashion especially if it would be as offensive as yesterday's attempt. If I had my way these groups of people should be encircled by police and shot with flamethrowers soon as they gather. Elsewhere "Peaceful protestors" who chain themselves to railings should have their chained arms legs or whatever amputated on site with no anaesthetic and their rotting limbs left dangling as a warning to those who would consider supporting their pointless and time-wasting actions. "Sit-down protestors" should just be shot in the ass and that'll solve their anarchical tendencies.

To add to my own ill-conceived broadcasting of my plans it was announced that an al-Qaeda cell had opened in North Cork and recruited Cubaboy. Now I have to mobilise a recon and assault unit to take back Mallow of all places.


Anonymous said...

The recovery of Mallow will be hastened if you can make the public there take heart by allowing them to hear of your exploits a la 2IGTV.

(how was the Rabid Wombatting?)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No the recon and assault force should be enough.

The operation in London was a complete success.

Unknown said...

You'll never take the mountainous terrain of Malla. It will be your Vietnam infel pig dog!!!

Anonymous said...

Its been too long, Colonel!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

It has, we recorded a new one this evening. It should be available in a few hours.