Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The United Kingdom: The Best Country In The World!

Now that's obviously not an opinion I've just formulated myself having only spent a total of almost 6 weeks of my entire life there, no, it's the results of the latest useless infomation poll which no doubt cost an obscene amount of money to undertake and correlate data from.
The results basically show that the United Kingdom is simply the best country. It's citizens are also the most polite and most well educated but also the most dry, tedious, uninteresting, unexciting, insipid, monotonous and dreary people in the whole world. Imagine that?


Anonymous said...

Well jolly gosh, its very nice of them to say so. Thank you very much on behalf of the quarter of your visitors to this sight....
.. it's right were not that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hang on I can't believe I'm Doing this but I'm defending britain, this poll was done by Sky News , of course their going to get that kind of result because lets face it what other kind of person answers a poll like that, someone with no life thats who!!!!
Anyway how can they say its not exciting , tube bombs , Hemel Hempstead , an inbred royal family descended from a bunch of Krauts and Greeks , its ability to unite the world in hating Chelsea FC and to constantly beat the french at everything!!!!!!!!
also this is the country that produced James Dutton!!!(Stands and salutes while humming theme to the Dambusters at mention of that name)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No the poll wasn't done by Sky News, they simply published the results.

And anyone can beat the French, the Britons aren't that special.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the Colonel - a small village militia armed with pitchforks could probably force Frenchy to surrendur.
Of course, lets not forget they're badasses against unarmed women and children (Albigensian crusade, anyone?)

@ Vaughan - thankyou for your salute. But don' forget we've also produced other, less useful devices than a bouncing bomb.