Monday, January 02, 2006

The Whopper Awards 2005 - Part 2

Next up is two categories for Best Actress...

The Nominees For Best Actress Displaying Actual Acting Ability
Sasha Alexander: NCIS
Rachel McAdams: Redeye
Keira Knightly: Domino
Rachel Weisz: Constantine

This time last year, few knew who Rachel McAdams was, but it’s a safe bet that everyone does now being in the summer comedy The Wedding Crashers and the Christmas comedy The Family Stone. However it was in the thriller Red Eye however where she got my attention (and I don’t mean just the kind of attention required for the category below) she displayed a range of acting beyond a girl of her years opposite Killian Murphy as a hotel manager who finds herself trapped on a plane with an assassin. I think she definatly made that film more enjoyable and proved if you have a good script and good actors you don’t care how short it was.

The Nominees For Best Actress With Most Delectable Tits, Legs & Ass
Jennifer Garner: Elektra
Summer Glau: Serenity
Michelle Monaghan: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Angelina Jolie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

It has to be Michelle. I love little Santa outfits :)

Up next: The supporters...


Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry Keira Knightley For Domino?Were you in the same theatre as me?

Anonymous said...

He probably was ... but what you may be overlooking is the title of the award: "Best Actress With Most Delectable Tits, Legs & Ass".
I bet the Colonel was dribbling a little when he posted that, and accidentally added the word best into the award. Hence, what I think he meant is:
"Actress With Most Delectable Tits, Legs & Ass"
Colonel, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Vaughan! Yes I was, and that film wasn't rubbish because of Ms. Knightly she did her best with a lousy script and some crazed drug-induced directing from Tony. Keira did her job as well as she could under those circumstances and her small frame even handled MP5's Akimbo! However I gave the award to Rachel because she was better.

@ Anonymous: No "best" is deliberate. Yes they looked better than they acted but they were acting, and they were the best of the lot which didn't include the likes of Jessica Alba in Sin City and Jessica Beil in Stealth as they weren't acting, they just looked good.