Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Family of slain foreigner want justice!

I just read this on Sky News. I'm apalled that Sky would give airtime to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazillian shot in Stockwell station, London on July 21st. The last thing the authorities in the UK want now is their agents second-guessing who they should and shouldn't shoot, after the governent are finished with their politically correct 'inquiries'.

The 27 year old electrician should have known better- he was running, he was carrying a rucksack full of tools and he was foreign. Dumb Ass!- I'm surprised they only shot him seven times.


Anonymous said...

Remind me never to run past your house after coming home from two weeks in Spain with a tan and a rucksack!

Anonymous said...

According to the police reports he was running, wearing a heavy coat and didn't stop.
According to the non-police eye-witnesses, it was actually a police officer who vaulted the gateway, and Jean was restrained and in custody before they went for the headshots. Of course, these shots were fired after they determined that his visa had expired - maybe this is the new hardline stance on immigration? All illegals will be shot in the head?
On a more serious note - the police should not have to be second guessing the action of suicide bombers. Whilst in favour of shooting to kill in these cases, they really should make sure they get the right person - possibly by CHECKING intelligence before acting. Although that would be something that isn't current british government policy

Anonymous said...

Its all falling into place, my Blair Theory is proving yet more accurate! Look:
1) Blair in The Thing: went insane after he realised he couldn't take over the world
2) Tony Blair: obsessed with power, probably gets wet at the thought of people calling him "Mr President" (European president)
3) Ian Blair: wants to give his officers Judge Dredd style powers to administer summary justice.

You may also notice similarites with the "Star Trek Admiral" theory, which holds that all admirals will go insane, or die horribly.

Anonymous said...

So anyone who carries a backpack, runs to catch a train, and has tan skin is a fair target?

Thank goodness I'm pasty white, because I carry a gym bag and run for my bus nearly every day. Of course, I'm about as Paddy-ish as you can get, maybe they'll cap my ass for looking like I'm from Derry.

Anonymous said...

Friends, let us not forget that Jean Charles de Menezes comitted a grevious crime, that of "walking around whilst lookin' a bit foreign". Who amongst us can truly blame the London Metropolian Police force for their reaction to this heinous provocation?,