Monday, January 23, 2006

Situation Report Jan 2006

Well first of all greetings and welcome to all the people who are now reading this from and They basically aggregate the latest posts from all submitted blogs created or maintained by people from or in Ireland, which I'm sure is handy for folk with a broad range of interests. As well as that I was listed on the start page on Jan 5th which earned me a few hits. Anything that makes me more famous and gets me more attention is good yes?

I got an E-mail at the weekend telling me that I've not published statistical data in over two months! Since that's one more E-mail asking me to publish data than E-Mail's asking me not to publish data, here it is:

Here's the Country Share graph for the last 100 visitors. The US (including quite a lot of hits from all branches of the military) has taken the lead and responsible for almost half my hits, Ireland and the UK hold exactly a quarter of all hits each.

Firefox has risen in popularity from 28.57% in November to 30% as of today.

I was also asked what I was currently watching, reading or playing, and told that other blogs have that information updated regularly on them, so I've added all that data to the sidebar to your right.

I'm told that 2500 hits in less than 4 months is very good and is probably attributed to my popular topics which show up in search engines. Some visitors so far this year arrived by putting the following terms into their search engines:

  • how much does a whopper cost
  • "my dad is bruce lee" lyrics
  • mummy iii (someone in Peru)
  • hans zimmer
  • xxx whopper
  • Hemel Hampstead (Herdfordshire Co.Council still seem to be researching Hemel)
  • Ed Harris
  • Marsoc (the new US Marine Corps Special Operations Command)
  • eminem - feck (my sentiments exactly, but I'd have said "Eminem - Fuck")
  • picture of a colonel (I'm sure they found what they were looking for- Remember: Signed Photographs of me are available on request)
  • cjcs pete (He's General Pace to you sonny)
  • rachel mcadams
  • padjo junkbox (must have picked up on a comment left by Cubaboy)
  • ciaran creedon (you forgot to bookmark didn't you)
  • peanut butter girlfriend dead
  • my ipod has frozen after being dropped
  • underworld evolution walther (Selene's gun is a Walther P99 with a stainless steel slide, a gorgeous weapon, but I prefer the matt black James Bond version which I carry as my personal sidearm- the benefit of being on detached service)
Most amusing is that someone in Lancashire, England came here to find where Hemel was by asking google: where is hemel hampstead.

There's been almost a two dozen hits from various states in the US with variations on searches for the theme for E-Ring and the X-Men 3 trailer, obviously hot stuff, and disturbingly a Student at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland (where Colonel Creedon himself earned his commission) came here to learn about the New Secnav!

Here's the best one however: For some bizarre reason I can't possibly figure out was the American looking for "johnasson panties". I'm left wondering did he just want a picture or the actual items themselves? Well I'm sorry mate; Scarlett didn't leave them here last night so she must have taken them with her this morning...


Aaron said...

The "ciaran creedon" search was actually me, Diarmuid hadn't your blog bookmarked, so i did it for him and also set it as his homepage, I,m sure he'll thank me.

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

If everyone had this as their homepage then I'd be at the centre of the digital universe!
Not a bad idea Aaron old friend.

sith apologist said...

How much of the rise of Firefox is down to ... er... uk-based visitors?
I use it at home, stuck with IE in uni for some bizarre reason!

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

I don't know, statistical reports are easy, statistical analysis isn't.
Thank you for using Firefox.

Former Grunt said...

Scarlett? I thought you dumped her months ago?

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

I did, she only came back for a night, she's gone again now.

sith apologist said...

Yeah, I suppose its not like you want to hang out with her afterwards, eh?

Ricky Gervais said...

Good to see the stats make a return. You would have thought the US Miltary would have a more more secure way of checking up on you, come to think of it, have you checked your garden to see if there are any unusal rocks that have appeared, you know the ones, like they found in Russia with the transmitters in...
Anyway I'm interested to know the stats for the 2IGTV Podcast.... My guess is 19 downloads

sith apologist said...

Unlike the hits here, I'm unable (can't be bothered) to sabotage (artificially inflate) the downloads!

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

@ Mr. Gervais. You mean other than broadcasting part of the known IP's assigned to the US Military? Yes they could, but they want me to know that there watching me :)
Unfortunatly recording downloads isn't somthing Mark want's to devote his time to at the moment, I believe the server which he uses to distribute 2IGTV would charge him for that ability. It's not my area to be honest though.

@ Sith. Cheers mate, hopefully the next stats will reflect more favourably on the British Empire.

Stewie Griffin said...

I see that "Unknown Country" has finally fallen off the official figures. My security measures are now adequate.