Wednesday, January 11, 2006

May I present the new SECNAV

The Navy & Marine Corps got a new Secretary a few days ago. Dr. Donald C. Winter was sworn in as the 74th Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV to people like me) during a ceremony at the Pentagon on Jan 3rd.

In his first message as SECNAV, Winter outlined his five priorities:
- People
- The Global War on Terror
- Shipbuilding
- 2005 QDR Implementation
- BRAC Implementation

Winter also praised the Navy and Marine Corps team and expressed his pride in serving as secretary.

He said during his firs address: "The Navy/Marine Corps team is engaged in an aggressive campaign to defeat terrorist enemeies not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but globally. Protecting America against threats will remain our primary mission, a task that will require the service of warfighters who will never lose focus on the drive to victory."

Here here. The full text of the SECNAVs address his here.


Civilian Overseer said...

Question, Was this guy every a Marine?, he doesn't look the Heart breaker/Life taker type. Looks like he rang the bell. Any thoughts Mein Kolonel?

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

No, ex-servicemen are rarely put in these positions contrary to Hollywood's beliefs. He was the corporate vice president and president of Northrop Grumman's Mission Systems sector. In that position he oversaw operation of the business and its 18,000 employees, providing information technology systems and services; systems engineering and analysis; systems development and integration; scientific, engineering, and technical services; and enterprise management services. He's basically just a normal Joe who I have to call sir!

sith apologist said...

Ah, another promotion that leaves the Colonel having to make do with cold showers!

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

No I'm quite sanguine about such appointments. The SECNAV is basically just a Yes-Man for the SECDEF (Rummy)anyway, so no sence in wasting someone with military experience in the role. I'm just hoping he signs off on the Osprey contract!

Former Grunt said...

You have shares in the Osprey don't you Colonel?

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Shares? Me? No.

*hides portfolio*

Master Guns said...

Trust the Colonel to be part of a huge military cover up to roll-out such a flawed project. I'm not surprised one bit. You make be puke Sir!