Saturday, January 07, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Returns

I've just watched Episode 11 of Battlestar Galactica's 2nd season, the sequel to the mid season cliffhanger Pegasus.

Without revealing anything (as none of you could have seen it yet) I can safely say it lives up to the standard of suspense and drama set by previous episodes. It's common for a series to loose a bit of momentum during the middle of a season, but it appears that Battlestar Galactica can be best compared with a hard-boiled sweet as opposed to a soft centre like most other shows.

Michelle Forbes (right) a veteran of Star Trek is magnificent as the psychotic Admiral Cain, and the truth behind her insanity is cleverly revealed in this episode entitled Resurrection Ship. This Cylon ship which appeared only in reference during Cain's briefing to Adama in Pegasus is about to become, according to Cain "the most important ship in the galaxy".

Those of you who watch it on UK television will be pleased to know that the 2nd season of Battlestar Galactica will begin on this Tuesday, Jan 10th at 21:00.


sith apologist said...

No matter the series, it always seems that mental stability is an issue for admirals :-\

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

It's the stress they're under, managing fleets of ships commanded by renegade and maverick captains!

vaughan said...

Good Point Sith Apologist , theres always one high ranking member of command who goes power mad/insane/or just plain evil while in command of a warship with incredible firepower, who the hell promotes these people, what are the conversations like? " I see Captain Scott has an embittered motive to destroy our entire way of life over an imagined slight, how about him for chief of staff mr president"
"No?What about Admiral Carlisle?She hates all men and is known to be vocal about it, No Mr President I'm Sure the time she spent in an insane asylum won't matter!"
"Admiral Galloway? excellent choice sir, I know he's just back from compassionate leave, what sir ?Oh yes He's completely recovered from finding his family cut to pieces , and yes he has finally washed the blood of his first born child off him , the good news he'll be able to make the tough calls now that he's finally stopped screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!for the last six months.

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Now you're just exaggerating. There’s been a few Star Trek Flag Officers who’ve gone a bit awry but the situation isn’t that bad. Look at Admiral Ross on DS9, Fleet Admiral Shanti in Next Gen or Admiral Forrest on Enterprise, they were perfectly normal. Don’t use the same brush to tar them all and appreciate the great strain they were under. Okay, so some of them cut corners to get the job done and some of them made a few tough calls when sacrifices had to be made but it’s not as if every Admiral was a complete fruitcake!!

vaughan said...

A bit Awry , A BIT AWRY, what about the captain of the defiant in the doomday machine,When asked what happened to his crew he rambled on about the mouth of hell until he was given a strong sedative or the captain who sacrificed his entire crew while looking for a fountain of youth, or how about the concious of the king whose villian was a federation governor who a few years earlier decided to kill half a colony during a food crisis to preserve those he chose to live, you realise this man was selected by the federation as a good man for the job, of course this is the same federation that thought putting m5 in charge of the enterprise and then acted shocked when it killed over 600 members of Starfleet and destroyed the Excalibur!Hell even Garth Of Izar locked away for years in a mental asylum says "I'm much better now"everyone goes "great" and lets him out. the list is endless or need I mention admirals who attempt to start wars (Star Trek 6)
or overthrow the federation itself in order to save it (Deep Space Nine).
Jesus it's bad when they make Ronny Cox wittering on about his sons drawings as he persecutes Riker look stable and even handed , exaggerating Colonel? I don't think So!Oh and by the way About Admiral Forrest , yes he was decent and he got ASASSINATED!

Civilian Overseer said...

Easy Vaughin, Remember the Vanguard Incident.

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Vaughan wouldn't have heard of the incident I hope you're not referring to: Frank's Starfleet Battles game we had in 1995 in Carlow where I (as an Admiral) relieved Ray of his command of the USS Vanguard (after loosing my own ship) and proceeded to set the self destruct in the hope of taking out the Romulans and the Klingons?

That was a perfectly sound tactical manoeuvre. And the game ended in 20 minutes instead of the usual 1hr 45 we were around that bloody table for!