Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"It's pointless to resist" - Vader robs a bank!

Patrons and staff at a Chase bank in Setauket, Long Island felt the power of the Force on Thursday last when they were robbed by Lord Darth Vader!

Vader didn't force-choke anyone but he did brandish an automatic pistol which he used in a threatening manner to ward off people laughing at him and demanded cash be placed in his "Yankees" backpack.

Read the full story here with updates here and here, which are laced with so many unsubtle Star Wars references that it actually ruins the effect.

Source: Darth Harrington / Bruce Russell / The Gothamist


The Whitehouse said...

My favorite star wars quote for this is: drum roll..

'The Empire Strikes Bank'

Civilian Overseer said...

If the Cops refer to themselves as the force, does that make corrupt cops, the dark side of the force?

Can't claim credit, heard it on the radio, funny as hell. ;)