Friday, July 23, 2010

Police Woman Kills Hostage Taker! - Part 18 in my "Shoot First, Questions Never" series!

I'll let the video speak for itself...

This video is real, it is not a re-enactment and depicts a young woman being stabbed in the arm by a man who is later shot in the head and killed by a lightening-fast female Chinese cop.

Viewer Discretion Advised.



Former Grunt said...

Outstanding. Righteous Kill!!!

Civilian Overseer said...

I nominate this cop for a part in the new Judge Dredd movie.

Constance said...

Nope. I hate that you posted this video.

I don't like seeing a helpless woman being stabbed.

I don't like seeing someone killed. That includes someone who looks like some sort of a desperate mental case.

This is the definition of a snuff video. Compassion is more important than violence.

I used to think that the majority of you had your heads on straight, but right now it appears that they are straight up your asses.

Get it together people. Killing someone is not cause for jubiliation.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Ah finally, someone with a left viewpoint. I was beginning to think everyone was going to be happy with this.

While I will say, I've seen this clip posted on dozens of location since it happened, other blogs, youtube, right-wing gun-nut havens and very strangely one of those multitude of "humour" video sites, I was intrigued as to what my followers thought of it and deliberately left it un editorialised or sensationalised allowing you folk to express your own opinion.

Can I begin by saying, that I'm glad that not a single person disagreed with Ms. Xiu's [that's her name, I know ALL about her now] actions. Had this happened stateside, she'd have been dragged through the liberal media for using excessive force! "He was still moving after my first shot, so I moved in and fired another three shots" she told an interviewer. When asked if she was worried about accidentally hitting the hostage, she said: "Failure was not an option." In my book she's a legend.

While I admit, I myself was quite shocked by what I saw, it is a video that nevertheless met my parameters to highlight "justice being done" in an age where a "white collar criminal" like Bernie Maydolf can get more time in prison than a murderer, rapist or a paedophile is something I take exception to. While I must agree that where the possibility of doubt that someone committed a crime exists, than a trial by jury is warranted as well as incarceration/rehabilitation in many cases - I believe however that immediate execution is warranted and even more favourable in such cases where someone is discovered in the middle of committing a serious crime, as in the video and therefore cannot be innocent and deserves nothing more than to be exterminated like vermin. Although I have been wondering, where were the Chinese snipers with their QBU-88's?

Now, I knew that the video could cause distress however and made a conscious decision to place ample warnings in red above the video so that people would be well warned and prepared. This was not done at it's source on a site run by both active and former U.S. Military personnel, which struck me as rather irresponsible of them, but my hands are tied as I have no jurisdiction over their work - yes even my eagles have a no-fly-zone.

Constance: I must disagree with you on a single point - this video is not a snuff video, nor does it conform to the definition of one as I understand it due to the fact it was not created for the purpose of showing someone being killed. It is instead footage from a news cameraman filming for news, he is seen clearly in videos of the event filmed by less "adventurous" news crews.

We now live in an age where such shocking digital images as these can be broadcast around the world in a blink of an eye, even from somewhere as "information isolated" as China. Admittedly I don't think I've ever seen anything like this on European or U.S. TV, but I'm worried that at some point it will become commonplace and what little broadcasting standards of decency we still cling to will decay so far as this could be seen by children of an age where they can distinguish between a staged theatrical production and this real-life drama.

For a long as this blog remains, I will not be posting videos of people being killed again. I may be a government instrument of killing, but it is an experience that I have been trained for - you people have not. I don't want you to see what I see and neither do the military and law enforcement forces who perform these same acts for whatever the just cause. Video crosses the line but reading about the acts as people have done since the first days of print detaches you from the experience and that will have to suffice.

Pints said...

I had decided not to post a comment because I feel that I would merely be echoing Constance's post, But..... I am upset and dismay's that, when watching the video, I wasn't as upset as I should be, I have obviously become so desensitised to rediculous violence that this horror of a snuff film might as well have been on a Friday evening show on TV. And Yes, Colonel, while a snuff film is indeed created for this puropse, it certainly has a similar effect with the applause and excitement that people are affording it, It glorifies killing. That is sad and upsetting as being the mother of a 5 year old Boy I don't allow guns in the house and am very careful of the content of TV that I allow him watch, exceptions made for Ironman, Starwars and Transformers. But it now appears that I need to apply the same "Parental Control" to what I watch myself. I humbly suggest that we all think twice before applauding the twit of a cop who obviously had zero communication skills or people skills that she could not negotiate him out of it. She went in there in my opinion with one goal, and that was to kill. While I am far from a bleeding heart, and have no tolerance for crime, I also feel that killing has to be a last resort, not an orchestrated first respopnse.

Anonymous said...

Pints, I have to comment on your last entry. How do you know how long that cop spent talking/negotiating with the guy with the knife? Bear in mind, he had already wounded his victim.

We don't know the full or background circumstances of what caused this guy to take a hostage, or of what was done to alleviate the situation. He could have easily shouted "I'm going to kill her now" which would've left the cop with very few options very quickly.

As for the decision to broadcast this clip, I'm still undecided whether it was the right thing to do or not. I am glad though that there was no close-ups or anything of the wounds, or of the moments when the bullets would've impacted the victim.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

My apologies, this is partly my fault for not providing all the information, but please understand this would have tainted the results. If any of you feel like my personal lab monkeys I apologise again.

Because of the length of the video, it's practical to think that this was the entire length of the negotiation, but this was an hour long stand-off with an increasingly erratic perp and where an innocent person was loosing blood by the minute through an increasing number of wounds. Were the cops to wait until the hostage lost consciousness from blood loss? No, there is no doubt amongst the majority of people who know the facts, that this was a justified, righteous kill and was indeed the last resort of Ms. Xiu -
Guangzhou Daily reported that the drama started after the 38-year-old man robbed a man near a train station on at 20:00. The victim had resisted and the man used a knife to stab him before fleeing. Police gave chase, but the man grabbed hold of a female passer-by near a bus stop and held her hostage in front of an ATM at 20.25. He wrapped his left arm around her neck while holding the knife at her throat. Police cordoned off the area and hostage negotiators tried to talk the man out of harming the woman. The man said he did not want to harm the hostage, but each time police officers tried to edge closer, he slashed the woman on her arm and leg. The atmosphere became more tense after an hour of negotiations. The man had become more agitated after his requests for a gun and transportation to Hubei province were refused. By then, the woman's clothes were soaked in blood. At 21.25, a plainclothes policewoman [Ms. Xiu] approached the pair and offered the man a bottled drink after he complained of being thirsty, but threw the bottled drink onto the ground near the man. The man stepped forward and used his right leg to roll the bottle closer to him. He then bent down to pick up the bottle and Ms. Xiu seized her chance to draw her gun. She ran forward and fired a shot at the man without hesitation. The man fell backwards, still holding on to the hostage. The policewoman then fired another three shots at the man at point-blank range, killing him.

Also of interest may be Ms. Xiu's own after-action debriefing. -
The 1.6m-tall policewoman, known only as Ms Xiu, later told Guangzhou Daily that while she had been with the police force for 27 years and had received training as a sniper, this was the first time she had fired a gun at someone. "We had to use force because we could not guarantee the hostage's safety," Ms Xiu, who is in her 40s, told the newspaper. "My superiors told me to get a gun from the police van and I loaded it with six rounds and tucked it in my right trouser pocket. "When he bent down to pick up the bottle, he left part of his right chest exposed. I aimed for that area." She added: "He was still moving after my first shot, so I moved in and fired another three shots." "I had only two thoughts in my mind - to ensure the safety of the hostage and to overcome the man." After making sure the hostage was all right, Ms Xiu handed in her weapon and returned to work at a police station.

Master Guns said...

I don't allow guns in the house and am very careful of the content of TV that I allow him watch, exceptions made for Ironman, Starwars and Transformers.

Holy crap! Without guns, this still makes your little tyke about 75% Whopper! Still far too high a percentage to let me sleep soundly...

Pints said...

@ Anon: I agree i don't know the full facts of the case (which has now been rectified by the Colonel, Thank You) but my comments were bases on my perception after watching the clip, and it was my honest reaction to what i saw. Ands this is exactly why snippits and pieces of video footage like this is more harmful to situations, how many people will take the law into their own hands after seeing this clip which doesn't do justice in any way now to the efforts of this cop.

@ Master Guns: So you've met my son? ;-) He is mad enough without adding in weapons also, he does enough damage flying starscream around the kitchen.