Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't dread Dredd

There's rumours abound that Karl Urban will be the next Judge Dredd. A script review appeared online recently and doen't sound too bad at all. The Sylvester Stallone one wasn't a masterpiece but still good enjoyable fun. I'm hoping this one won't be so "harmless" and that Urban isn't so egotistical about his face being in a movie than Sly [Judge Dredd must never appear without his helmet covering his face]. The new $50m 3D filmed Dredd will be written by Alex 28 Days Later Garland and directed by Pete Vantage Point Travis.

Source: IGN, AICN


Master Guns said...


Anonymous said...

I think this sounds pretty awful.

The plot sounds like a rip-off of Escape From New York. Dredd has to find a perp, escape block before the gangs and warlord kills him. That's more or less identical to Escape From New York. That was a great film back in its day but Dredd doesn't need to copy that.

Slo-mo sounds like bullet time from The Matrix. Again, rip-off.

Ma-Ma sounds a terrible name for the villain. The Dredd comic strip has had great bad guy names: Judge Death, Father Earth, The Angel Gang, Sabbat, Orlok the assassin, Trapper Hag etc. But the main perp in the film is called Ma-Ma. Is this some bad joke?

We've also got the comments "video game simplistic" and "generic." Hardly positive terms! Who knows, maybe the action will be good but the storyline sounds very unoriginal and not worthy of Dredd. I'd like to see something more original like Dredd's Graveyard Shift story or The Hunter's Club. That would be amazing.

Civilian Overseer said...

"Grud on a Greenie!", I've nothing more useful to add, just always wanted to say that. Carry on.

vaughan said...

if you released the Stallone version today it would be hailed as a classic such is the poor quality of this summers blockbusters....

But this screenplay I don't know...Garland also wrote those "Classics" the Beach and Sunshine,one of the worst sci fi films of all time a film where Cillian Murphy appears to piss himself in his death scene and enjoys it.