Thursday, June 10, 2010


My sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently folks.

We "found" something in the Sahara desert. Not only was there no known natural or artificial way of it getting there now - evidence suggests it had been buried long before "we" could have created it.

I've said all I can, back to business...


Civilian Overseer said...

One trusts that the object has been... neutralised.

Master Guns said...

Neutralised? after 10 days? No, no, no. The man is incapable of that level of incompetance.

I've seen him "neutralise" a Bengal tiger using only a sharpened stick in about 10 seconds flat. He neutralised a numerically superior Spetnaz force in Siberia in '87 with only me and a wounded "Dingo" McGraw backing him up in about 3 hours.

The man now commands a mobile Brigade-sized unit with over a dozen armoured vehicles and gunships and I suspect he's authorised to use a tactical nuke.

No, if it was 10 hours I'd say he was neutralising something big but 10 days sounds like a "containment, control and conserve" operation and whatever they've found had to be preserved, even if it was lethally dangerous.

Ya see the "old" Colonel had no problem with "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, Kill, Kill Kill" but unfortunatly that doesn't gain you as much favour as when you bring something "valuable" back to your masters, especally now that he's looking for stars...

Just my $0.02

Civilian Overseer said...

Guns, If you love the Colonel so much why don't you marry him?