Wednesday, June 23, 2010

french Fuckers finally off home

The greatest pack of cheating and trouble-making scumbag wasters on the face of the planet, the french, monumentally failed again Tuesday afternoon; this time against the home team at the World Cup in South Africa. Proving they've learned nothing from 1789 - that their revolutions all end in tears; even bringing out on that cheating cunt Thierry Henry during the second half to play some more Gaelic Football [seriously, he handled it again] didn't save them.

Like that turd that somehow didn't flush down the jacks with all the others, the french so-called "team" hung around long past it should have after their abysmal performance against Mexico last week. The former world and European champions also created one of the biggest dramas in World Cup history, boycotting a training session after Nicolas Anelka was sent home for insulting coach Raymond Domenech at halftime of a 2-0 defeat in that match.

a misguided fool

But even as their World Cup hopes floated away like an excited child's untethered helium balloon, the drama didn't stop there. After the final whistle, the South African coach Carlos Alberto Parreira offered his hand and a smile to Domenech but the french fucker shook his finger at him and tried to walk away only to be grabbed by Parreira presumably to get some explanation for his rudeness. But Domenech, a man who called his own team "unspeakably stupid" before the match, continued with his uncouth behavior and began apparently lecturing the Brazilian with an abundance of finger pointing. Watch it here:

When cornered by the press afterwards, Domenech gave no answers for his actions but when asked about the crisis in the french team he responded: "If these are all the questions you are going to ask me, I am going to leave you, we are not from the same world." Brooks Peck wrote in his Yahoo Sports blog: "After all of Domenech's astrology-based roster decisions, post-match marriage proposals, and complete inability to maintain order in his team, I'll agree that he's probably not from the same world."

Bye france! Go and drown your sorrows, or better still - just drown...

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