Friday, March 05, 2010

Max Brooks pens new G.I.Joe book

It has been announced that bestselling, World War Z author Max Brooks is writing a grittier interpretation of some G.I.Joe heroes and villains in a new 5-issue comic book mini-series due in May.

Full Press Release From IDW Publishing:

The award-winning Max Brooks crafts a G.I. JOE series for an America at war, starkly contrasting intensely brutal portrayals of the dark side of the human condition with the light of hope in the most unlikely places.

"I tried to write a series as harsh and complicated as the times we're living in," said Brooks.

Exploring the effects of real-world war on the individual, every issue of G.I. JOE: Hearts & Minds features two chapters, each spotlighting a different G.I. JOE or COBRA character. Brooks pulls no punches from the very beginning, starting the series with chapters on MAJOR BLUDD and SPIRIT.

"This is the G.I. JOE book that isn't about action figures. It's about people like you and me," said IDW G.I. JOE editor Andy Schmidt. "And that makes it even more chilling than any zombie novel could be, because this one isn't about a plague—this one is about us."

Brooks's dark stories are masterfully brought to life by artists Howard Chaykin and Antonio Fuso, who will each also provide covers.

Source: Bruce Russell, io9, IDW

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Bruce Russell said...

I'm really looking forward to this. Brooks's WWZ book was fantastic, a gamechanger.