Saturday, March 20, 2010

Conan to really be Foxy?

TMZ is a particularly trashy and reprehensible website.... but - they do seem to be able to scoop all the major news networks time and time again and rarely does their stuff turn out to be false. On this basis I'm excited about one of their reports this week that Fox is putting pressure on its affiliates to clear the 11PM slot for a potential new show for Conan O'Brien!

According to TMZ: Fox has been in touch with some affiliates, "applying pressure" to put Conan on the air between 11 and 12. A clear sign that he's going to Fox. TMZ's sources say Fox execs and Conan's reps have been "seriously talking," though no deal has been made yet but execs at several major Fox affiliates are saying a deal is "imminent."

Some of the affiliates have been resistant to running a Conan show, because they make more money with the sitcom reruns at that time. Several affiliate execs are saying they have felt the pressure from Fox to take Conan's show.

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Source: TMZ

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