Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Details of new "V"

Everyone remembers "V", lizard aliens come to steal our water and eat our pets, the very thing UNETIDA was founded to prevent. And of course Diana [right] played by Jane Badler generated a somewhat forbidden lust because she was beautiful but evil [and ate this].

Well as previously reported in 2IGTV Episode 61, V is being remade. ABC has given the go-ahead for a V pilot, The 4400 co-creator/exec producer Scott Peters' attempt to revive the 1980's franchise. The new version will be set in the same V universe and follow a Homeland Security agent Erica Evans, a single mother with one teenaged son. Erica is with the FBI's Counter-Terrorism Division, and is based in Los Angeles. Currently on the trail of a sleeper cell that has forged suspiciously accurate documents, she finds her life interrupted when alien motherships appear over 29 major cities of the world. Assuaged when the humanoid inhabitants appears to be completely friendly, Erica shifts her focus back to her job and her troubled son and in so doing uncovers a shocking and massive conspiracy.

Other characters include Fr. Jack Lowrey, a Catholic priest of a parish that has seen its ranks of followers dwindle to almost nothing and is unimpressed by the surge of hope and devotion that follows the arrival of the Visitors fearing his parishioners are relating to the aliens as god-substitutes. Chad Decker, an amoral newscaster intent on getting to the top of his profession in a big hurry. Tyler Evans, Erica's son, deep in a state of teen angst, gets into trouble again and again, trying to crash parties where he is unwanted, and winding up in an ER. Tyler thinks that the aliens just might fill the empty hole in his life.

And of course - Anna - the leader of the Visitors, and she's not only humanoid, she has flawless looks and a gorgeous figure. A woman who presents herself as a benevolent deity, with a soft-spoken tone of voice that is warm and soothing (but with a strangely harmonic tone), Anna is the front person for the aliens, and she's remarkably knowledgeable -- about human culture, human languages, and media manipulation. Expert at wrapping pundits around her little finger, she decides that newscaster Chad Decker is the perfect careerist to carry her message of peace and prosperity to a wider world.

If done well, this V remake could be something to look forward to. Done poorly, we're looking at another Knight Rider, watched only as you would watch a train wreck - because you're compelled to see disaster.

Source: TV.Com, Variety


Anonymous said...

Sod the damn remakes, We want something original, howabout pitching the "Legend of Creedon" to the networks, the story of one man's fight against reason in order to make the world a safer place. You know you'd pay to watch. I nominate Bruce as Producer.

Anonymous said...

"Here Mousey Mousey"

Major General Creedon said...

@ Civvy: Now that 2IGTV is finished then yes, perhaps I should turn my attention to actually appearing in my own show!! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, something along the lines of the new Fox show "Hannity without Colmes". At long last you can give full vent to your crazy right wing republican views without that pinko liberal Mark to make your opinion fair and balanced. ;) I suggest One Irish Guy and a TV as the title.