Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron Man First To Cross $300-million Mark

Iron Man has become the golden boy for Marvel Studios, becoming the first picture of the year to cross the $300-million mark at the US box office. The film had grossed $299.3 million through Tuesday and was a sure bet to blow past $300 million on Wednesday or today (Thursday). Three films grossed more than $300 million in 2007: the awful Spider-Man 3 ($336.5 million); the mediocre Shrek the Third ($322.7 million), and the lackluster Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ($309.4 million); so it looks like Iron Man is breaking the tradition and is going to be the first worthwhile movie to break $300m in a while!

Source: IMDB News


Anonymous said...

hmmm Creedon and would you like to tell the nice boys and girls out there what thanks Marvel Are showing Jon Favereau for Directing the first $300 Million dollar film of the year hmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing disturbing rumors regarding Marvel's penny pinching. We could end up with an other Xmen3.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No. I deal in cold hard facts. Not Internet gossip and hearsay.

This is the latest word on this story, but it is in itself nothing more than gossip so when there's something substantial on this I'll let it rip.

Anything written by Harry Knowles isn't really substantial so you know)

Anonymous said...

Lt.Col, you've never let what your head knows or what the facts say, get in the way of what your gut tells you.