Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The true battle for the White House is on!

It is with uncharacteristic glee that I watched Hilary Clinton make her exit speech at the weekend, thanking all the misguided foo... er, campaigners that helped her almost destroy the entire Democratic bid for the White House.

At some point in the future I'm sure a historian will analyse the Democrats "wisdom" in allowing the offspring of a Muslim Afro-American and God-Almighty, a woman who is married to an adulterous pervert who disgraced the very office she seeks to represent them in their Presidential bid and duke it out for so long, damaging the reputation of the party perhaps irrevocably.

But we must look forward now and it'll soon be time for the two lads to pick their running mates, the person to join them on the ticket as the Vice President of the United States. It's not going to be an easy choice for either candidate.

In a perfect world McCain could have Mike Huckabee, but he is perhaps too conservative for all the swing voters that flocked to McCain after being sickend by the deplorable Democratic "war". McCain would loose a lot of the southern state votes if he puts Mitt Romney up there, and there is the issue of his wacky religion that most couldn't stomach. Perhaps I think someone liked by all like Condi Rice would be ideal in his case?

A lot of people seem to think that Billary is an ideal choice for Obama but analysts don't think so and believe that even though Clinton is now "endorsing" Obama and much of her exit speech centered on supporting the Democratic party to elect Obama, that the divisions that have been created are still too great. He'd probably be better off in attracting her voters by backing people like Governors Rendell or Strickland as they were strong Clinton supporters.
Governors have an edge over other contenders as they have actually run governments, while Obama and McCain, both senators, lack executive experience. I'll comment again when I know more...


Anonymous said...

From your mouth to God's ear on the Condi idea. IMHO, the perfect ticket! The buzz, unfortunately, is that she carries alot of baggage from the Dubwa administration (which, sadly, the moderate Republicans don't really like).

The buzz that I hear seems to favor Sarah Palin. Of course, they're all right wing conservative men, who especially like that she's eye candy. She's more inexperienced than Obama.

Interestingly, I also hear that alot of Hilly's supporters may have defected to the *gasp* McCain camp. http://blog.hill4pres.com/2008/06/03/commentary.aspx

I personally can't fathom why Obama would pick Mrs. "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman". Ha! People think the VP is running the country NOW! That's funny.

It should be an interesting election year for sure!

If you're into that sorta thing.......

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world McCain could have Mike Huckabee I don't know about that one, the Huckster is pretty any science. We need cutting edge, federal funded, science to keep our lead in the weapons race.

Major General Creedon said...

@ Lois: The buzz that I hear seems to favor Sarah Palin.

Is that the hot MILF governor who's been on the magazine covers? Sweet! I approve! :P

@ Civvy: I've already been persuaded away from Huck. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Ahem....L. Lane! Geeze Louise! - adulterous pervert trying to maintain anonymity as to not offend. Good golly!

Yes. MILF governor of Alaska.

Condi, boyz - trust me here. We want the GOP to continue for at least another 4....right?

Glad to hear you've come to your senses as to the Huck issue.

That was sorta ridiculous.

-Ms. Lane

Anonymous said...

Away you look at it, no one is going to be able to top Cheney as VP. A man 's whose wife liked to joke that the liberal media's comparison of to Darth Vader made him more human. Freaky Hell he shot a guy in the face at point blank range and got away with it, what a complete bad ass!

Anonymous said...

Civilian Overseer wrote: Away you look at it, no one is going to be able to top Cheney as VP ...... Hell he shot a guy in the face at point blank range and got away with it, what a complete bad ass!
LMBootyO!!!! Right on! The top laugh of the day!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing .... I'd vote for Condi Rice if she was running for President, and would definitely vote for McCain if she was his VP. Condi's a remarkably strong, intelligent, well-read, well-educated, articulate, gracious and dignified woman who could easily represent every American and not just a select few. She has blazed her own trails and never leaned on any man to carry her over the threshold. She's one of the very few human beings I admire and respect, especially coming from the world of politics and government.