Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Damaged Europe

"Fear is my ally, it attracts the fearful"
- Darth Maul

The forces of darkness were triumphant as was revealed Friday as the Treaty Of Lisbon votes were counted and the misguided fanatical opponents to it were successful. While it's fair to say most people in the country were in favour of the treaty, they were so complacent that it was going to be a YES majority, that half the country didn't bother to go out and vote. The left-wing wasters naturally had the opposite view- that they needed each and every one for their misguided cause to go out and vote. After the Shinners and their commie friends stooped so low as to generate false and negative propaganda such as: a reversal of the country's stand on abortion, the end of our neutrality and mandatory conscription into a European army and injecting babies with microchips etc., it's not inconceivable that the leading no campaigners had a little help from some of their "old friends" to offer some "extra persuasion" to people who voted close to the Northern border.

All Ireland can do now is sit and wait for the inevitable backlash, and pray that it survives...


Anonymous said...

The forces of darkness were triumphant, So let me get this straight Lt.Col, you're saying that Sithy was behind the No vote?, well, really now, that's just not cricket.

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