Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mega G.I.Joe News #1: Larry Hama joins G.I.Joe

The creator of practically all the backgrounds for the G.I.Joe characters the one and only Larry Hama has joined the G.I.Joe movie as a creative consultant. Hama was a Vietnam war veteran and martial artist who wrote the legendary Marvel run of the G.I.Joe comic book from 1982 to 1995. He also wrote most of the File Cards found on the rear of G.I.Joe figures packaging which listed the character's Name, Rank, Serial Number, Speciality and a brief yet concise biography.

Hama has kept on top of all things G.I.Joe and most recently worked as a character consultant for the CGI animated movies and has written a number of comic books in the G.I.Joe universe in the past few years years.

This is the greatest endorsement that the production could get and I think that even though some of the casting choices for the movie won't completely thrill everyone, it will be easier to rest at night from now until the movie is released knowing that everything is happening under the watchful eye of the great Larry Hama.

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Douglas Kastle said...

This is one of the few pieces of good news I have heard about the movie.