Friday, January 18, 2008

First Picture of the new ENTERPRISE for J.J.'s STAR TREK!

This is it! It looks like they're building it on Earth which would be pretty dumb, but it still looks cool eh? Trailer coming soon.

Source: AICN


Bruce Russell said...

Looks like the new Enterprise will be rather like the old one, thank Lucas.

Can't wait to see Cloverfield Friday for the trailer.

Of course, as penance I have to see '27 Dresses' with Bride sometime over the weekend, but I guess it could be worse.

I'll let you know how Cloverfield and the trailer are, assuming I don't die, go crazy, or turn gay from the other movie.

Declan said...

Interesting. Looks like they are going with the movie version Enterprise NCC-1701.

I'm relieved. I was half afraid we'd get a homage to 60s tech. There is much of the original series that shouldn't see the light of day ever again. (let the flames begin)

Declan said...

Actually sorry on second viewing I just realised it's got the red glowing bits. I'm worried again.