Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Innocent MARINE gunned down - Part 9 in my "Shoot First, Questions Never" series!

Someone asked me why was I always taking the cops side in this "Shoot First" series? The cops aren't always right, are they? Sometimes, just maybe their kill may not be righteous.

Here's the exception then: A Marine who died recently was armed with two weapons and "posed an immediate threat" when he was shot twice by police officers, according to Onslow County, North Carolina, District Attorney’s office.

Staff Sgt. Neil Howard Manson, 40, was at the home of his estranged wife one early Monday morning when Jacksonville police received a 911 call about a gun-wielding man in a yard. When police arrived on the scene at about 7:20 a.m., they saw Manson displaying a gun.
The Marine's estranged wife was able to leave her home through a back door while he was outside the front door. She told police he was on anti-depressant medications.

As SWAT members went through the back door of the home, other officers surrounded the home and Manson. Authorities tried to call his cell phone to negotiate with him. It is unclear whether police reached him on his cell phone, but he agreed to lay down the loaded .38-caliber revolver he’d been holding.

At about 8:25 a.m., Manson opened the front door of the home and was met by a SWAT member. Video filmed from one of the police department’s vehicles captured images of Manson reaching into his coat pocket and removing a second handgun “in a threatening manner.” The weapon turned out to be a fully loaded .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol, according to police.

Officers fired at the Marine, hitting him twice. A Jacksonville police officer was also shot in the ankle. The release states that “no expended .40 caliber shell casing was located around Manson.”

Manson was transported to a hospital north of Jacksonville and died later that day.

Agents with North Carolina’s State Bureau of Investigation found letters written by Manson the same day he was shot and addressed to various people, including his estranged wife, his ex-wife, his son, his parents and a fellow Marine. He wrote that he loved them, that he would see them on “the other side” and that “he would be looking down from heaven.”

The district attorney’s office will not file criminal charges against the officers who fired at Manson.

Staff Sgt Manson was an enlisted aircrew training instructor with Marine Medium Tilt Rotor Training Squadron 204 at Marine Corps Air Station New River, according to Capt. Stuart Fugler, a New River spokesman. Prior to joining the MV-22 Osprey program, he was a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crew chief with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261, also at New River, from 2001-2005. He also served a six-month tour in Iraq in 2004.

Source: Fox News


Dr Blitzen said...

Lt Creedon. I have a surprise for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Lt.Creedon, Fecking Excellent!, Constantino demoted again, Eh?, Whopper?

P.S. I note that the Marine was so depressed after his involvement with your pet Osprey project he decided to commit death by Cop.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he found out about the Lt's shares in the company, and the Cop's were recruited to 'solve' the problem of an honest marine talking?

Anonymous said...

looky here him sad..., sounds remarkable similar to "Iraq's 45 minutes strike capability" that we all heard about before the Iraq War.

Mind you, several European countries have Nukes and undoubtable have targets in Iran.

In the Cold War, a tense time for all involved, this was called Mutual Assured Destruction. Sure they have Nukes, sure they target us, we've got 'em, we target them and no ones wants to use the God awful things 'cos if you do, every other country nukes you.

It kept the peace for decades against the commies.

Now back on topic, yes, Joey, I suspect that washed up old bum, the Lt.Col may have his dirty 'lil piggy wiggys all over this one.

Major General Creedon said...

@ Constantino: It was a surprise, good man. And LtCol is the more accurate abbreviation for Lieutenant Colonel not Lt.

@ Civilian Overseer: It's a sad day where a Marine can't brandish a gun on his own lawn!!!

@ Joe: I think you know too much. (With the exception of the fact that LtCol is the more accurate abbreviation for Lieutenant Colonel not Lt).

@ Him: Not if they think that France is the real power in Europe (just like the French do).

@ Civvy: "washed up old bum"? Who are you calling "old" Grandad?

Anonymous said...

In response to the mutually assured destruction (abbreviates to MAD) - threatening to kill someone if they kill you is a rather poor deterrent if your killer doesn't give a crap about his life.
As for 45 mins - I'm sure the fact we haven't found them yet and are beating ourselves up over it proves to the Kurds that they weren't victims of chemical weapons?
Besides, Iraq had a treaty with Syria to jointly develop weapons ...

Anonymous said...

Meow!, Sithy been getting in touch with your inner darkside bitch?, Wheres me handbag?!, if thats the way we're going to play it. Let me refute your assertions.
No, it is a perfectly sound strategy used successfully by Nation States against other Nation States. I never mentioned fruit loop factions. The USA, the UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel have all employed MAD successfully to defend their interests and deter foreign aggression. North Korea are the latest to engage in this strategy and it seems to have worked quite well for them, all without a single shoot being fired, peace obtained through the threat of force rather than the use of force. I believe this is known as the Tarkin Doctrine, Iran is just the latest nation to want to defend itself in such a way.
Look at Israel, once its neighbours learned that it had the bomb, they came to terms.
How many wars have India and Pakistan fought against each other since independence?, six, I've lost count. Since both sides got the bomb and equally important the missile systems to deliver them, things have pretty much quieten down.
What MAD doesn't work against is a nut job terrorist outfit.
Who, quite frankly, if they got their paws on a nuke and managed to transport it into position and then managed to detonate it. They would probably have great difficulty in repeating the trick as they would lack the manufacturing capacity to make more and would find it hard to buy others on the open black market. The supply of WMDs, never having been a common commodity in the first place, would suddenly dry up as every law enforcement agency, and military power on the planet would go on a rampage to apprehend those responsible, dead or alive.
What would happen is that an example would be made out of a prominent arms dealer as was the case after 911 when one was busted for attempting to sell a surface to air missile in a sting operation. Message received loud and clear. don’t peddle this shit. As an aside more people have been killed each year by the legal trade in Ak47s then by a terrorist cell with a nuke.
Onto the 45 minutes, we haven’t found them yet?, ah, stop, you make me laugh. Let us look at the axis of evil, North Korea, as soon as the world knows they have nukes, its back to diplomacy, Iran, will probably have nukes shortly, guess what, it is the diplomatic solution that is preferred. Iraq economically wrecked by ten years of sanctions so much so that they hardly change a car wheel in 45 minutes let alone launch a WMD attack.
We know that the Kurds and the Iranians both had chemical weapons used on them by Saddam’s government. We know this because the US sold the chemical weapons to Iraq in the first place and then supplied the satellite data to accurately use them. So Iraq pretty much didn’t need the Syrians to commit crimes against humanity, they had us.

BTW, did you just out yourself as him?

Major General Creedon said...

@ Sithy: Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) I wonder how long the world spends shoehorning words into names of things just to have a cool sounding or relevant acronaym.

The Committee for
the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their
Rehabilitation Into Society
comes to mind.

@ Civvy: "Peace obtained through the threat of force rather than the use of force. I believe this is known as the Tarkin Doctrine.

But didn't Tarkin blow up a planet.

I'd also prefer if you didn't make references to the US providing WMDs to Iraq. It may be true but it's not good for the public image. There's a good chap.

Joe & Sith are the same (Joe is his Phone-in name). "Him" is a separate person.

Anonymous said...

But didn't Tarkin blow up a planet.

Yes, that was to establish the bottom line, the one that everyone else is expected to toe or they know what to expect.

Tarkin only made one example, the US felt it necessary to make two, Hiroshima and that other place Nakasomethingorother. Funny how the real world is always more grim than make believe.

I'd also prefer if you didn't make references to the US providing WMDs to Iraq. It may be true but it's not good for the public image. There's a good chap.

Did a fake military man just attempt to tell an equally ersatz politician, what he could and could not say?, does that sound like freedom to you citizens?, is this Turkey we're living in?

Major General Creedon said...

I said I'd prefer. It would please me. But if I wanted you silenced you would be through my trusty scissors.

Anonymous said...

O Yeah?!, expletive deleted, hey stop that!, you expletive deleted, son of expletive deleted. expletive deleted and the horse you rode in on!.... and you expletive deleted scissors too!