Saturday, May 12, 2007

Iron Man is Nimble!

An interesting story here about the upcoming Iron Man film. Apparently a news website I often scower for news posted a video that was taken by someone spying on the film set. On the video you'll see (presumably a stunt-man inside) the Iron Man suit moving about and lying down on a closed lane on a freeway. It certainly clears up a few questions that people had been wondering about: Namely that the overuse of CGI that plagued Spider-Man won't be a prevalent here and that Iron Man himself will be rather nimble.

You almost didn't get to see this because some muppet at Paramount's legal department had IESB's ISP take their site offline until a cooler head at Paramount pointed out that Paramount did not own footage taken by fans and thus cannot legally prevent the footage from being netcast.

I guess they'll just have to hire more security... ...and arm them :)

Source: IESB

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