Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

When you expect something to be utter shit, you are pleasantly surprised when it doesn't turn out to be a complete turd. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End is far superior to it's predecessor Dead Man's Chest but nowhere near as enjoyable as the original Curse Of The Black Pearl.

Right: Chow as Captain Sao Feng. He kept asking for more steam. Not in this movie Chow but there sure was a lot of hot air to keep it afloat...

That said however, it means that while I would have given POTC1 a rave review and glowing report; POTC2 a slating and an angry testimonial; this film deserves neither but must also be devoid of any positive or negative lengthy discussion.

I will say the absence of cohesive plot and storyline actually helps this movie which I would imagine out of the three films resembles most closely the Disney theme park ride. Appearances from Chow Yun Fat, Keith Richards (whom Depp modeled Jack on) and a brief appearance by Bill Nighy are most welcome if all too brief. Johnny Depp's antics are growing a bit tiresome now but Captain Jack does appear a little more intelligent now. Orlando Bloom still can't act to save his life however.

Keira: Guys this isn't what I meant about getting a less girlie wardrobe this time round.

If the special effects weren't so spectacular, Hans Zimmer's score not so pulse-pounding or if Keira Knightly wasn't so pleasing to the eye then I'd have probably been bored silly.

Wait for DVD if you have to see it, but when you do say to yourself: Someone pitched the wedding scene to Jerry Bruckheimer and he gave the go-ahead, just a thought.

Colonel Creedon Rating: **1/2


Anonymous said...

your right. Jack was nowhere near as enjoyable to watch as in the previous movies. a good one to see overall though.

Anonymous said...

Lets run a competition to see you can come up with the best quote for that last picture, my entry is, Captain Barbossa to Elizabeth Swann, "Arr, have you see my balls,... darling?, Arr,... there they be,... on yon table in front of me, Arr!"