Saturday, May 19, 2007

2IGTV Episode 41

Devastating news for fans of Thomas Jane and The Punisher in this episode. We let you know who's starring with Edward Norton in The Hulk and with Eric Johnson in Flash Gordon.

We let you know the future for The Terminator franchise. We'll also let you know why we think Brian DePalma's (right) Untouchables prequel will suck! Learn where you can hear our countryman Liam Neeson next- it's not where you may think. We also pass on word from John Voight that no one is safe and to stay on the alert from those darn terrorists - they're everywhere!

Finally we reveal the US Television Networks Fall slates with yelps of joy, cries of sorrow and shrieks of laughter. Discover what we (and you) could be watching later in the year.

All this an much more here.