Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Colonel to appear on Irish National Television

On Monday November 12th as part of RTE2's "Shortscreen" series is the
Worldwide Television Premiere of John Vaughan's VALOUR.
Starring: Dave Duffy, Jonathan Ryan and ... ME!!!

Here is an excerpt from an interview in Empire done in Summer 2006:

Why were you hired for this movie Colonel:

"I'm of the belief that the director wanted some definable air of military authenticity to his production so I was hired to play the part of Private Leahy. I'm far from the cream of Ireland's acting talent boasting only that I went to the same school as Cillian Murphy (Laughter). The script was an absolute Jem, and that's what sold me. It was an honour to be a part of something which told an important fable about morals as well as highlight the unbelievable fighting conditions that these men lived through during "The Great War". They call men like me heroes now for terminating terrorists in Afghanistan and securing food and medical supplies for the starving populace of the Third World but these men that were portrayed in this film should be honoured for simply enduring their environment."

Tell us about Private Leahy, Colonel:

"My own character Private Leahy would hardly be considered a candidate for a medal as the script described him as a collector of enemy loot with an "insufferible smirk" whom had probably "never seen a German in his life" (Laughter). I think the director relished in the delicious irony of casting someone like me in this particular role (Laughter). Nevertheless I envisioned him as a charming young scamp, loved by all in his unit but sadly his innocence was brutally stripped from him as he was raped by the brutal war itself."

Do you think that you were robbed of a Best Supporting Actor nomination?

"Oh no, I don't think it would be correct to class me as a "supporting actor". Due to my own fame, it's more correct to say I make a "cameo appearance" really even though I'm credited. I'd call it akin to Ted Danson in Saving Private Ryan or Sean Connery in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. While I may only appear for 2.2 seconds, 6 minutes and 24 seconds into the film, it gave me ample time to flesh out my role as Leahy. The director gave me several attempts at evoking the pain and anguish that one of these poor souls went through, I won't spoil it as it appears on screen for you but I nailed it on the 4th take and received a standing ovation from the assembled cast and crew present. That is worth more than any award. Well maybe not my Navy Cross (Laughter).

John Vaughan's VALOUR will be shown following the 23:25 News (which follows Podge & Rodge) on RTE2 at approximately 23:55 as part of the Shortscreen series.


Douglas Kastle said...

Sweet Holy Baby Jesus on a bicycle with a crutch!

Unknown said...

All I want ot knwo is how many "casting couches" you had to lie down on to get your 2.2 seconds of fame??

Anonymous said...

It's a sign of the Apocalypse!

Hang on? I thought you were wearing a moustache in this movie Colonel?

Anonymous said...

I remember when Cillian Murphy waited on my table in Probys, charming fecker almost stole the girl I was with. ;)

But enough of swapping Mr.Murphy stories, Grunt you must realize by now that a Creedon has fought in every conflict on every continent since the concept of war began. Usually on the wrong side.

Want to know what really killed the Dinosaurs?

Bruce Russell said...

I had heard it was Chuck Norris, at least that's what my nine-year old nephew has led me to believe.

Anonymous said...

Bruce your nephew was correct but the Lt.Col was there beside him to give him marks out of ten for his efforts.

Anonymous said...

*silently waits for accolades*

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that this was the work of the arch fiend Sithy, only a man as twisted and evil as his could possibly come up with such a mad scheme!, what did I feel like I've just been Jedi mind tricked?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Oh I almost forgot: Sithy himself is also in Valour. He plays the part of the Clerk and is in a scene with Jonathan Ryan, which is actually a step better than me. His character is also a Corporal, which outranks my Private Leahy character. It's also presumed that Sithy's character actually survives in this movie whereas we can assume Leahy dies horribly.

Yes the Sith certainly seems to have the better end of the stick :(

Anonymous said...

...and if the credits were unaltered, you'll notice how only one cast member got his own driver...
I've said too much :-)

Anonymous said...

What day will John Vaughin's VALOUR be shown on RTE?, I'll need to get someone to tape it for me.

Anonymous said...

Ask a silly question, Monday, Nov 12th, like all politician's I've developed the knack of reading something without understanding it. Feel free to mock me relentlessly.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

*Points and laughs like Nelson in The Simpsons*

Constance said...

so... if a person doesn't get RTE2 is she completely out of luck? or will they be posting it after they broadcast it?

Bruce Russell said...

Yeah, I'd love to see it, too, if we can get it in the States. The early reviews are nothing short of white-hot grease-fires of pure adulation!

"I can say, without hyperbole, that VALOUR is the greatest thing ever committed to film in the whole of Ireland, nay, the world!" -The Irish Independent

"For the love o' Mike! 'Tis a thing of beauty, she is! Four full pints! With perfect head, and little shamrocks drawn into the top of the foam!" -The Irish Times

Even the international press have gotten in on the act:

"Sacre bleu! C'est magnifique! Mieux qu'une prostituée de Banque d'Est d'escompte!" -Le Monde

"!VALOUR de John Vaughan es un pelicula magnifico! Creedon es el actor mas bueno! !La biblioteca es ayi!" -El Pais

"привет! съешьте мое мясо! доблесть лучше чем обильная туалетная бумага! град Путин!" -Pravda

Can't argue with press like that!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Former Grunt: No that was for a re-shoot of some of the scenes later in the year. I was going to play a background character as well with a mustache so I wouldn't be confused with Leahy but my scene ended up on the cutting room floor as Mr. Vaughan decided to use a different angle or something. I'm sure there's a valid artistic reason.

@ Sithy: They'd never alter the credits. Not after I spent 3 days editing them on my computer :)

@ Constance: I'm afraid you are indeed out of luck my dear. There is no online distribution at the moment. But I will ask the director what can be done about that when I see him on Saturday.

@ Bruce: You're really wasted in the law profession lad!

Bruce Russell said...

Well, it was either that or coal-mining.

At least I'm not a woman stuck in a trench.

"In all seriousness, Ciaran, I believe practicing law is killing me," said Bruce, as the smile ran away from his face. "And I'm sure that I could be a movie star, if I could get out of this place."

Wait, that's actually the bartender from Billy Joel's 'Piano Man.' Sorry.

But at least I have this and this

Constance said...

Colonel, you're my hero just for saying that.

Unknown said...

Not to worry Constance, I'll have it up on You Tube by Wednesday night!!

Anonymous said...

Woman stuck in a hole. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's the premiere Colonel! Excited?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Bruce: How did she get in there? How the hell did she get out. Doesn't look like she saw the funning side of it like everyone else :D

@ Constance: Cheers, my mother always wondered what I'd be :)

@ Cubaboy, no there'll be no Youtube. Vaughan hasn't finished selling it to networks yet.

Former Grunt: Yes.

Anonymous said...

Most impressed with your performace last night, actually the whole thing was good. Yer man from Fair City, yer man from Bosco, the fag Captain and the fat German and even the "nearly dead" bloke - fantastic characters and excellent camera angles etc. I know the Sarge from somewhere- where?
Thumbs Up!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Morgan Jones - He was in "Nighthawks" with Shay Healy long, long ago.