Thursday, March 29, 2007

Frank Castle Becomes Captain America!?

Following Marvel Comics "Civil War" recently there was a few "upsets" to the 'ol Marvel Universe. Only one really caught my attention and that was the appointment of Iron Man as the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after Colonel Nick Fury turned traitor! This was a positive change which drove sales of the Iron Man comic book Vol.4 #15 into second printing after only a few days.

Another, somewhat tragic aftershock of the Civil War was the assassination of Captain America which could only have escaped you if you lived in a cave. This upset a lot of people but it pales in comparison with the insanity you are about to witness: Frank "The Punisher" Castle has got himself some new threads and will be adopting the mantle of Captain America.

What the Fuck???

Right: Cover of Punisher War Journal #7

Yes, that's what's happening. Marvel's resident psycho-vigilante will be adopting some of the characteristics of someone who was once the United States greatest patriot (before he turned traitor too) albeit minus the shield and instead using automatic weapons. It was quite obvious from some of the Civil War books I browsed that Frank had a bit of a hard-on for the Cap, while he disobeyed Cap's orders when they conflicted with Frank dishing out punishment he would never raise a finger against him even when Cap beat him to a pulp.

This is utter nonsense from Marvel. It would be fantastic in an "alternate universe" of which there are many more in Marvel then there was in all of Star Trek (something they even parodied in Star Trek Meets The X-Men comic- but we won't go there). In one of these contained realities anything can happen like a blue Incredible Hulk or a Tony Stark with an eating disorder instead of alcoholism. However these realities are temporary and usually have no lasting repercussions in the main universe. In one of these "pocket universes" The Punisher hunted down and killed every Marvel Comics character and finally committed suicide as he was a Marvel character too, but this latest revelation is in the "real" universe and will effect history.

Dammit it does make sense for the next Captain America to be a Marine as opposed to a Soldier but not the man who was formerly Captain Frank Castle USMC! Not this! Please no!


Anonymous said...

I brought that up on an entry on weeks ago.

Castle will run around in costume for a few issues, that asshole Tony Stark will probably try and have the government conduct the equivalent of an American Idol contest to appoint an official Cap, and if James Buchanan Barnes doesn't already have the shield he'll hunt down and probably kill whoever has.

Anonymous said...

Unfortuanely it is an fairly accurate assessment of how America is precieved in some corners of the world nowadays. Well done Marvel.

Anonymous said...

this is a joke, all I've heard is how"ground breaking civil war is" and "How Visionary" well this is Marvel the people who bring you every year another Idea that "Will change the face of Marvel forever!" and then quickly as it is said go back on their word? Does anyone else here remember the death of Jean Grey? and how that was for good? And yet it turned out it wasn't Jean but an Alien Substitute? Or how about hte spider clone saga "Ben reilly's the clone, no wait Ben Reilly's actually Peter Parker and Peter Parkers the clone...." six months later oh guess what Ben Reilly IS the clone!
see this is the reason I stopped reading Marvel (Except for Garth Ennis's Punisher which exsists in the MAXX universe) for silly plotlines like this , its very simple , punisher will be Cap for a few weeks, Bucky will eventually take over for a while and then come the release of the Cap movie we will miraculously discover the Cap (Steve Rogers ) is still alive and looking for full percentage on all those action figures they're going to sell (Sigh) House of Ideas MY ASS!!!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Mark: Indeed you did, you are a true visionary.

However the post only mentioned that Frank may avenge Cap- which let's face it with The Punisher, usually just means filling someone full of lead and being done with it- as an unhinged vigilante representing himself and his own ideals this is fine but not draped in the colours of the United States representing freedom and liberty. This is wrong.

I like your idea of a contest run by Stark as he seems to be the only true patriot left in the Marvel Universe.

@ Civvy: How right you are my old adversary. The perception is now that everyone representing the US is a murdering psycho.
I recall being on the streets of Baghdad just after the fall of the regime. The natives approached me full of joy and jubilation heralding the Marines as heroes despite being practically bombed out of their homes. I was hugged and given fresh fruit.
Now those same people run in fear at the sight of a Marine- admittedly probably because we assume that people approaching us nowadays have more then fruit for us and we have to take them down, but better them than us.

@ Vaughan: I think Ron Moore will get a good job with Marvel after BSG as he's been spinning this nonsense lately too.

The only stable constant in the Marvel Universe is and will always be Iron Man.

Unknown said...

Tony Stark used convicted felons, terrorists, and enemies of the state as his foot soldiers during Civil War. Stark has never been a patriot, he's a war profiteer and a politician.

Just wait and see, the top of The Punisher's hit list are going to be Stark's pro-reg cronies while Stark himself has made some very powerful enemies. Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, all the 100-odd remaining mutants, The Hulk, and even Thor when he eventually surfaces.

And we haven't even seen the Red Skull's end game yet.

Stark shouldn't get too comfortable on the heli-carrier as I can see someone blowing it up while he's on board. He's compromised himself too much to bring the heavy hitters on the anti-reg side into the fold, and if Cap's autopsy in issue 26 reveals that it was a round to the chest from a S.H.I.E.L.D agent which put him in the ground the tide of public opinion will begin to quickly turn.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

BRING IT ON! Nothing's gonna happen to a character with a major motion picture out next year :)

Unknown said...

Wrong! Now is the ideal time to start fucking with Iron Man as they'll want something on the boil for when people start checking out the books (Avengers/Iron Man) after the movie.

Business as usual goes out the window when there's a movie on the way. Reed & Susan Richards are currently separated for Christ's sake (Sue's anti-reg) and they've a wedding coming up in FF2 this summer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lt.Col, I recall that you fought in the police action at of Yumboto Gorge along side Capt' Blackadder where the natives where armed with particular sharp pieces of fruit.

Also, I reckon the current trend of the Ironman as a ruthless rightwing dictator will be resolved through the relevation that Stark was being influenced by a third party and his actions where not his own, ....yet again!.

Anonymous said...

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ CIvvy: I think that it was being the Secretary Of Defence for a couple of months that led him on his current course. He understands no that only through supporting your government can you truely make somthing of yourself and help your country.

@ Mark:LOL "Adhered to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy by keeping his relationship with The Punisher on the down-low."

I knew it! Seems like Tony Stark will take the title of the only straight male in the Marvel Universe too :)

Anonymous said...

When does Ironman run for President, declare his love for democracy, declare the U.S. a glorious new empire and disband the senate, all whilst Stark Industry weaponises the Moon with a honking great big laser cannon under a fat military contract?, Care to comment?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Well according to Mark it should start now so it's boiling when people are drawn to Iron Man following the release of the movie.

I like your ideas by the way. I hope you'll stop working on the Tricorders and go to work at Marvel instead.

Anonymous said...

Bargh, everytime I try to leave they throw more promotions and money at me. Damn them, they know my weaknesses!

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