Thursday, August 18, 2011

Midweek Visitors?

UNETIDA was said to be on high alert in the past 24 hours following two reported sightings of possible extraterrestrial activity on two different continents.

In England, while Tom Watson MP was discussing recent developments in “Hackergate” on Channel 4 News on Wednesday, an unidentified object sped through the back of frame and over the Houses of Parliament. Channel 4 is not known for what they have termed "extraterrestrial frivolity," preferring to present themselves as hard-hitting journalists but there was no explanation offered for this:

Squadron Leader "Spitfire" Anderton, UNETIDA Air Operations Officer [UK], said that a flight he sent from RAF Northolt to investigate the area reported nothing.

Meanwhile also on Wednesday in Chongqing Municipality's Jiangbei International Airport in China, air traffic was restricted for about an hour after a UFO was spotted over the runway.

Airport officials, were of the opinion that it could be a sky lantern or a large balloon. Authorities in Chongqing however have not offered an explanation for the unusual phenomenon.

Lieutenant Colonel “Yi” Chen, UNETIDA Air Operations Officer [China], would not speculate but confirmed that his forces were monitoring the situation.

Source: Dangerous Minds / Nerdcore /IO9 / FOX News / UNETIDA


PF said...

Its our latest method of dealing with the scumbag rioters. We launch them out of Trebuchet from Parliament Square straight into the Thames

Civilian Overseer said...

That's such a waste, far better to send to Afghanistan, so our bomb deposal guys can used to defuse IEDs. Imagine it you find a bomb, quickly disguise it as a Tescos and release a rabid hoody. Job done and now cute robots get hurt. After all are hoodrats really human?. ;)