Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where was the Colonel?

I have returned. Obviously, for security reasons I can't tell you when I'm going to be absent for a while, but I'm back now.

I wasn't too far, I had to attend a course at the Command and Staff School at the Military College in The Curragh, something necessary to have on paper for career advancement.

I also had a UNETIDA Special Operations budget review for the UN Security Council and even had to dispatch a mission to China to investigate a bit of monkey-business... ...actually that last one deserves it's own post.


Constance said...

Don't bother blowing smoke up our asses, Colonel. We all know you were on a Bangkok sexcation.


Civilian Overseer said...

Connie Speaking of which do you know that the ladyboys of Bangkok are now starting to call the act of blowing smoke up someone's ass, a Colonel?, I wonder where they got that from...