Friday, December 03, 2010

Wikileaks Fallout: The United Nations

One of the more interesting diplomatic cables leaked over the past few days was a directive from the Department of State, signed by Secretary Clinton which sanctioned U.S. diplomats to obtain through clandestine means, information about senior United Nations officials at UNHQ in New York!

The cable provided the full text of a National Human Intelligence Collection Directive (NHCD) on the United Nations as well as a request for continued DOS reporting of biographic information relating to the United Nations. They also asked for current technical specifications, physical layout, and planned upgrades to telecommunications infrastructure and information systems, networks, and technologies used by top officials and their support staffs.

Naturally the liberal media muppet machine blew this out of proportion as if it was apparently "news" that diplomats obtain information on each other and other countries; something that has been going on since before the word diplomacy was created. The terrorist and founder of Wikileaks, one Julian Assange was interviewed by Time magazine, via Skype from an undisclosed location where he called for the resignation of the Secretary Clinton.

UN officials have expressed dismay, but accept this sort of thing as a fact of life. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thanked Clinton "for clarifying the matter and for expressing her concern about the difficulties created" when she spoke to him at an international summit in Kazakhstan on Wednesday. Clinton did not formally apologise but neither did Ki-moon make any condemnation and the matter is now considered closed thus defeating Assange's evil agenda.

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart played a clip of Secretary of State Clinton being asked by a reporter if she was embarrassed by the leaking of these cables, to which Stewart answered: "Where were you in the 90's? The woman is married to this guy [displays a picture of former President Bill Clinton] ...and you think THIS embarrasses her?"

Source: Fox News /AP/Comedy Central
Photograph: Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images


Luke said...

Is this supposed to be satirical or are you sincerely suggesting that we should not care about governmental violation of international law and that reporting breaches of international law constitutes terrorism?

Civilian Overseer said...

Luke buddy, if you have to ask then the Colonel has done his job right. ;)

Of course this is a satirical site, no one could be as insanely right wing as the Colonel appears to be online. No its all a facade, in the real world the Colonel is a very liberal tree hugging hippy type, who is committed to ending the don't ask, don't tell policy for his own reasons futhermore these are not the droids that you are looking for.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Satirical? Not in the slightest. My problem is the imbecilic naiveté that people are displaying by not believing that this didn't happen on a daily basis, it's like none of them have read a history book and the media are taking advantage of this by blowing it out of proportion and feeding international negativity towards the people that keep us safe from harm [The U.S.].

Members of the UN who were being spied on are quoted as saying that none of this is surprising to them because they've always known or assumed and they operate on a daily basis under this assumption.
Remember UN diplomats are not scanned and searched like other people. How hard do you think it would be for a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer at least to wrangle his way into a low-level but diplomatically immune position in the UN? Exempt from searches, arrest and incarceration? That's scary as hell. If the US was stupid enough to let these people walk about totally unmonitored after 911 then they'd deserve another attack.

This is a fact of life and nothing has changed. If the Secretary General of the UN is satisfied with Secretary Clinton's explanation of her directive without even so much as a condemnation of her actions that should be good enough for people and we can move on with life.

As for the terrorist Julian Assange? No, reporting breaches in International Law does not constitute terrorism. Had Assange brought his evidence to an international court or to the UN itself directly and anonymously presented it like normal people would, that would have been noble act and I would stand here and praise him for doing what he thought was the right thing to do.

The reality however is that Assange is a self-important egotistical demagogue who has carefully released his information in such a fashion to maximise global chaos by revealing secrets that are secret for a reason. Do you think the Gulf States wanted their opinions on Iran voiced? They're very lucky Ahmadinejad is an paranoid imbecile who doesn’t believe Wikileaks. Do you think China wanted volatile neighbour N.Korea to know that they'd have no issue supporting a Seoul-ruled reunited Korea? Suppose Kim Jong Il or the little boy taking his place feels he's being backed into a corner? It's not like they need an excuse to start shelling people and they do have bigger shit than artillery shells. This is all to say nothing of the blood on his hands following the release of the military documents he released in the summer.

I hope the Russkies find him before the Yanks, 'cos Americans are sometimes inclined to take prisoners.

Civilian Overseer said...

See a total liberal pussy. Talking of taking prisoners at a time like this.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Luke as well as what the colonel wrote about , the U.N is a awash with nutjobs and incompotents itself....the Hypocrisy of the U.N can be summed up by the time I visited it in 97, on display is a magnifcent carving presented to the U.N from China , it is vast and detailed and was created specifically for the U.N , problem was it's made from solid IVORY?!?!? A substance whose dealing in is condemned by the U.N , the tour guides response when I put this question to them "Well we had to accept , I mean we didn't want to offend the Chinese!" Offend the Chinese? What about the bloody elephants??
this is the U.N that in 2002 refused in a general vote to condemn Anti Semitism as a bad thing!
This is the U.N That allows the President of Iran a Holocaust denier and a man who imprsons his own people when they look for Democracy a voice at the U.N (and condemned diplomats who walked out as being intolerant?).
This is the U.N who allowed the Massacres in Rwanda to happen because it would have made Koffi Annan look bad in peace talks had they intervened.
This the U.N who allowe Koffi Annan's ( Who was Chairman of the U.N at the time)son make profits in trading with Iraq when U.N trade sanctions were in place.
The U.N is a fine Idea set up after the war to ensure nothing like the Holocaust could happen again but when you look at the hypocrites ,nut Jobs and Idiots who run the place , would you seriosly blame Cliton for getting information on them.

vaughan said...

That last comment was mine just in case anyone suggests I should have tweeted those facts

phapfl said...

I think we all knew it was you Mr.V or should I say Paladinsword?

Constance said...

Give the guy a break... he wears the colonel's favorite name!

also, my word verification is: dence!

Civilian Overseer said...

Mein Lieblinch Connnie Nein!,

I've just realized what a visionary that Bill Clinton truly is, all the lying, cheating and general whoring around was to prepare his wife so that she would not be embarrassed when something like the wikileaks happened. The man is a genius!

vaughan said...

Okay (By the way who the hell is paladinsword?) the joke is over! I expect the Colonel to write about this later this morning Assange (everybodys favourite alleged rapist!) published a list of secret facilities that are considered vital to U.S Luke can say what he likes about violations of International Law but what the hell is this???...there is no reason to print this list except you have a super ego like Assange who considers America to be Arrogant ( Which he has stated) strangely the same view Osama Bin Laden has!
If you want to print what you feel are violations of human rights, good for you , but to publish a list of sites considered vital to the Security of a country is crossing a line from which there will be no return...Last week I posted a comment half joking the Colonel should do something I'm not sure we should joke about this prick anymore because what he is doing is deadly serious.

Constance said...

Civvy, what do you mean you've JUST realized something brilliant about Bill Clinton? Your admiration of the man is so well known that I know about it!

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie, Bill Clinton, what a guy, seriously,
1.)Balanced the budget,
2.)Left office with a massive surplus,
3.)Did interesting things with a cigar.

C'mon, whats not to like. ;)

Constance said...

The Clinton boom years were just an aftereffect of Reaganomics. Jack Donaghy says so.

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie, you see, you prove my point, Clinton had the vision to benefit from Reganonmics, I notice you kinda glossed over the recession of the Shrub Snr years.

Btw, that's Mr. Donaghy to the likes of you. ;)

Constance said...

If there is one tv character that I would like to have in my life, it is Mr. Jack Donaghy!

And, if you were to actually keep up with people, you would know that I am now living in the land of the Shrubs and travel often on Shrub Sr's highway... a tollway, of course.

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie, Not Astronaut Mike Dexter?,

So are you now a shrubite or a shrubitte?

Constance said...

No, Civvy. I don't need astronaut Mike Dexter. I have astronaut Mike Fincke.

additionally: hell no!

Civilian Overseer said...

Mike Fincke?, 365 days in space?, fluent in Japanese and Russian?, honestly, who can blame you, he is the thinking woman's totty. I think it is the smile, hypnotic. ;)

Why did you move to Shrubland, was it something to do with keeping your enemies close?

Constance said...

See? Isn't he gorgeous? Between him and Neil deGrasse Tyson I don't know how you'd choose!

If you would stay in touch with people, you'd know the story! Alternatively, Skype me and I'll tell you the story.

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie woithout question, it has to be deGrasse Tyson,

Mike Fincke wishes he was the first man on planet Pluto except deGrasse Tyson demoted Pluto from being a planet, he actually took a planet's lunch money.

I'd "Skype" you but you don't care to share your Skype name. ;) il est donc impossible ma chérie.

Constance said...

Share with you? fine. The rest of the sickos? ....Maybe not. Ask your man what it is if you can't remember me old blogspot id. Il n'est pas impossible, mon petit chou. Il est tout a fait possible, si seulement vous vous souvenez.

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie Sigh, Herr Colonel, had it over, take the usually precautions.