Thursday, December 02, 2010

Poisonous Aliens Poised For Invasion?

NASA announced today that some of their scientists in a controlled research facility at Mono Lake, Calafornia have identified microbes that instead of using Phosphorus to carry energy in cells as is done with most forms of life, have found some that instead use Arsenic. Arsenic in it's natural form is lethal to all life on the planet because it chemically behaves similarly to phosphate but disrupts metabolic pathways.

"The idea of alternative biochemistries for life is common in science fiction," said Carl Pilcher, Director, NASA Astrobiology Institute, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. "Until now a life form using arsenic as a building block was only theoretical, but now we know such life exists in Mono Lake."

"The definition of life has just expanded," said Ed Weiler, Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington. He alluded to the fact that as efforts are pursued to seek life elsewhere in the solar system, science will have to think in more broad terms, more diversely and be prepared to consider "life as we do not know it."

Colonel "Whopper" Creedon of U.N.E.T.I.D.A. was less then enthusiastic about the news. "Hell-Shit! Are we going to have to fend off extra-terrestrial invaders made of poison now? This changes everything! Suppose you have to go hand-to-hand with one and beat it to death. Hours later you die of organ failure and cellular necrosis? Not me! I'll be going out with a bang and I'll take them all with me," he assured.

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vaughan said...

Sigh....So NASA'S big announcement is "We found life.....on Earth!" What next? "We found if you hit a monkey with a becomes agitated!"?
Finding life on Earth is hardly a major news announcement and I love the fact they are proud somehow that they have some how proved what Science Fiction has known since the late nineteenth century.
It's the Colonel I feel sorry for.As soon as he heard about this news coming out , he was desperately covering up his Saturn operation, putting the worlds military and "The Fleet" which he keeps referring to on full alert, I've never seen him happier...and then NASA announce this? Last Night he was a mixture of relief and disappointment.If only NASA put their efforts on oh I don't know about space...pretty sure there's somethng about that in it's charter.